OKMS teacher passes

Sallie Sledd & Mikayla Mason

Thad Morgan was preceded by
his father and was survived by his
loving wife Chris Morgan, of almost
21 years, and two children, Samantha
and John Morgan. The funeral
service was held on April 11 at the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Instead of flowers, the Morgan
family requested that people make
a donation to the charity of their
choosing or “pay it forward” to
someone in need.
Mr. Morgan taught for 18 years,
13 of which were at Oak Knoll Middle
School. His students will remember
his kind smile and great laugh.
“He had a really nice way of identifying
with them and making them
feel special. So I think possibly that
was his favorite part of teaching,”
Mrs. Pritchard, a 6th grade English
teacher at Oak Knoll Middle School
(OKMS) said.
Mrs. Miffleton, a 6th grade English
teacher at OKMS, had a similar
opinion of Mr. Morgan.
“He really tried to make a connection
with each one of his students
and make every student feel
like they were important,” Miffleton
Many other teachers were
touched by Morgan’s acts of kindness
throughout his time at OKMS.
He would make each teacher feel
welcomed and tried to connect to
each one.
“He was my birthday buddy and
he made me feel really special. He
and his wife made a carrot cake for
me and brought it in and it was really
sweet,” Miffleton said when describing
her favorite memory of Morgan.
Outside of the classroom Mr.
Morgan also coached the OKMS
Girls’ Basketball team. He began
coaching in the 2008 season and was
always there to encourage his players.
A previous player for the team,
freshman Racheal Metzger, who
played on the OKMS girls’ basketball
“He always helped people individually
and helped work with their
weaknesses and was always there
for you,” Metzger said about being a
player for Morgan.
He also was active member of his
church, The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-Day Saints meeting house
and loved reaching out to others and
serving them.
Morgan will be remembered
for his kindness and his impact on
OKMS and his community. He will
be greatly missed.


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