Weather brings academic delays

Searlait Coffey

What does the sixth coldest February,
12.2 inches of snow and about
an inch of sleet get you in Virginia?
Eight days off of school.
February 2015 was the sixth
coldest recorded February in Richmond
history. The average temperature
for February was 31 degrees
Fahrenheit. On February 8, it was a
balmy 71 degrees, the warmest day
of the month. The serious cold came
in on February 20 and 21, when the
temperature dropped to a deadly
four degrees.
Hanover County Public Schools’
second winter break started the
week of Presidents’ Day. School
was already omitted on Monday,
February 16, but the next four days
off came as a result of Winter Storm
Octavia’s half a foot of snow.
HHS English teacher, Frannie
McMillan, is prepared for the slight
adjustments that the weather has
forced on the school year.
“You already sort of adjust your
schedule based off of the needs of
your students anyway. Most teachers
are incredibly flexible. [I might
have to] sacrifice some creative
types of lesson plans for more rigid
types,” McMillan said.
Days off from school are always
treasured by students and teachers,
even if it means making a few changes.
“The break, while frustrating for
some people, can be beneficial. It’s
nice for students and teachers to
get a whole week (off),” McMillan


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