Spring delivers new babies

Abbey Delaney & Hayley Plotz

Baby 1  0003

Elsie Grace Pruden (left) and Joshua Ray Phlegar (right) are the first of many babies to be born in the new year. Taylor Gordon & Kari Phlegar

The Hawk Eye would like to extend
congratulations to the new mothers of
the Hanover High School staff.
On March 16, 2015, Joshua Ray
Phlegar was born seven pounds and
twelve ounces to AP, standard and advanced
Chemistry teacher Kari Phlegar
and husband Adam Phlegar.
Joshua has an older sister, Olivia
Phlegar, and a bright future ahead of
him. Having been brought home from
the hospital on March 19, the family
is currently enjoying their down time.
Elsie Grace Pruden was born on
March 4, 2015 to AP Environmental
Science and biology teacher Wenifred
(Wendy) Pruden and her husband
Kenny Pruden.
Elsie weighed in at seven pounds,
two ounces, with a height at twentyone
inches tall. Elsie Grace is Pruden’s
first daughter.
There are also more members
expected to join the HHS community.
AP Calculus teacher Marianne
Veitch, English teacher Crystal Winn,
and World History teacher Whitney
Harpold are pregnant and expecting
babies in the near future.
Veitch, due July 2, has already received
name suggestions for her baby
girl. Veitch’s 3 year old daughter, Kallen
Veitch, affectionately named her
new baby sister, “Bubble Farmer.”
Likewise, Harpold’s 3 year old
daughter, Yeardley Harpold, has
named her new sibling, “Africa.” Harpold,
due August 19, and Veitch do
not plan to keep the names given to
their babies by their older children,
but still enjoy their enthusiasm.
“They’re very excited to be big
sisters,” Veitch said when describing
Kallen and Yeardley’s excitement
about their soon-to-be siblings.
The two children are very close
knit and will no doubt share the experience
of having new members to
their families.

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