Presidential possibilites

Garrett Gauntt

As the 2016 presidential election
approaches, many politicians are
stepping up to be the next president
of the United States. This includes a
mass array of Democratic and Republican
candidates whose past jobs
range from being vice president to
being a pediatric neurosurgeon.
The Republican Party has many
possible candidates for the 2016 primary.
A list of potential candidates
includes many former governors
including Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin and
Texas Senator Rick Perry. Kentucky
senator Rand Paul is also a possible
One of the Republicans who has
announced that he is running is Dr.
Ben Carson. Carson is a breakout
candidate who is a retired pediatric
neurosurgeon. His qualifications include
earning the Presidential Medal
of Freedom from George Bush
and being ranked sixth in Gallup’s
poll of The Most Admired Men in
the World.
The Democratic Party has controlled
the Executive Branch for the
last eight years. The party may have
another possibility to maintain their
dominance next year. A variety of
Democrats have stated their possible
bid for presidency. A list of possible
candidates includes former Secretary
of State Hilary Clinton, former
Vermont senator Bernie Sander and
former governor of Maryland Martin
Virginia’s own former senator
Jim Webb has officially announced
that he will be a candidate in the
Democratic Party’s Primary in 2016.
Junior, Lee Olenyk on the topic of
Jim Webb said, “I get a sense of pride
(because he is in the primary) condisidering
he’s from our home state.”
Another person of interest is
Vice President Joe Biden, who has
officially announced his running in
the primary.


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