Justice best served sweetly

Caroline Tucker


Senior Kaleb Horton and junior Banah Isayas act in “Death by Dessert.” Caroline Tucker

Whodunit? Was it Colonel Mustard
in the parlor with the candlestick?
Was it Miss Scarlet in the
kitchen with the rope? Well in Hanover
Theatre Company’s (HTC) new
dinner theater “Death by Dessert,”
attendees found out who killed Maria
on the evening of March 12 while
enjoying a nice plate of pasta.
“’Death by Dessert’ is about these
two feuding restaurants, Donnaducce
and Duccedonni, that share the same
restaurant space. In the first act, Maria,
the main character, dies and both
restaurants are trying to figure who
did it,” junior Faith Knabenshue said.
The voice of Maria (played by senior
Mikaela Stephens) narrates the show.
Maria was the landlord of the two
restaurants which had a brick wall
created down the middle. The feud
between the two restaurants began
a long time ago, making a Mt. Vesuvius
out of a mole hill. Nonna Duccedonni,
played by freshman Brittney
Nadeau, married Nonno Donnaducce,
portrayed by freshman J.P. Wayson.
They wanted to create a restaurant together,
but they couldn’t agree on the
name. Nonna wanted Duccedonni,
while Nonno wanted to call it Donnaducce.
Since they couldn’t agree on
the name, they spilt everything down,
even the restaurant which the built a
brick wall to separate it.
Every character on the stage had
their own counterpart (doppelganger)
in the other establishment. Don, the
head of the Donnaducce restaurant
was mirrored by Donna, head of the
Duccedonni restaurant. Don was
played by junior Andy Wright while
Donna was portrayed by junior Anna
“I played the busboy for the Donnaducce
restaurant,” senior Dan Oster
said, “During the intermission of the
play, [the actors] came out and served
the audience in character. We served
them pasta since we had the Italian
theme going on.”
During the intermission, attendees
were offered the chance to figure out
who committed the murder of Maria
by marking their answers on a piece
of paper and placing it in an envelope.
Every table guessed and if the table
guessed correctly, the people sitting
there was rewarded with free tickets
to “Our Town,” which will be playing
this spring.
Though “Death by Dessert” was for
viewing enjoyment, this dinner theatre
was also used as a way to sponsor
theatre students for a New York
trip that the HTC is taking later this
“It’s for people who can’t pay for
the trip, so we’re raising money so
that they can. We want everyone
who wants to go be able to go,” junior
Kyra Vaughan said.
Vaughan was the producer of
“Death by Dessert” while Abbey
Delaney directed. Unlike other productions,
it was entirely student led.
Though Elise Boyd, theatre teacher
and director of countless productions,
oversaw the play, it was mostly up to
the students to choose how “Death by
Dessert” was portrayed.
In the end, it was the most innocent
characters of all, the busboy and
busgirl, who committed the murder
of Maria. During the production, they
found the will of Maria that dictated
that the two restaurants would have
to become one if her death happened,
which audience members discovered
while Don, Donna and the rest of the
two restaurants were reading it. Since
the busboy and busgirl were madly in
love, they committed the murder so
that they could be together instead of
separated by one brick wall, which
both restaurants tore down and renamed


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