Jorts and bowties

Kali Wright

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Seniors Nathan Pal and Nathaniel Andrews pose after the Mr. HHS pageant (left). Junior Nick Aubin accepts the prestigious and coveted
title of Mr. HHS 2015 (top). The men of the pageant line up for the question and answer portion of the competition (bottom). Ivie Petrus

Who’s to say guys can’t compete
in pageants? On March 13 at 7 p.m.,
a beauty pageant for men, Mr. HHS,
was held in Hanover’s auditorium.
The pageant has always evoked
widespread excitement among HHS
students, eager to see their favorite
men take the stage.
“I think the purpose (of Mr. HHS)
is just to have a good time and enjoy
the camaraderie of guys from different
levels, from freshman to seniors,
from sports to clubs, kind of coming
together and Hanover coming together
as a community,” junior class sponsor
Jaime Harnden said.
The first Mr. HHS started in the fall
of the 2003-2004 school year. Interest
in the pageant dwindled after the first
two or three years though, and the
pageant was put to the side. In 2013,
Harnden, along with former biotechnology
teacher Kim Rood, the junior
class council and the HHS cheerleaders
decided to start it back up again.
Unfortunately, the date for the Mr.
HHS pageant in 2014 was snowed out
repeatedly and the pageant was cancelled.
The 2015 pageant had a similar
issue, but fortunately the snow and
ice melted in time for the pageant to
be postponed rather than cancelled.
“With Mrs. Rood leaving, I thought
we could do it. The junior class council
took it over and we brought it back
full swing,” Harnden said.
Mr. HHS 2015, featured a total of
15 contestants. Many clubs and sports,
including Environmental Club, Beta,
Lacrosse, Photo Club, Junior Class,
Key Club, Senior Class, Sophomore
Class, The Hawk Eye, German Club,
NHS, the Academic Team, Robotics
and DECA all selected a member (or
members) to represent them in this
Junior Nick Aubin, representing
Beta Club, was the overall winner of
the Mr. HHS competition. He won
the judges’ votes by reenacting a scene
from a well-known movie, “Napoleon
Dynamite,” during the talent round.
In the question round, he was asked,
“What would be the theme song to
your life, and why?”
“I would probably go with ‘Don’t
Stop Believing’, because you need to
keep faith and always keep strong and
stay positive,” Aubin said.
Senior Dan Oster, representing the
German Club, won the talent portion
of the competition by playing piano
and singing a song about math. Senior
Grant Bennett was in third place, representing
the photo club. Junior Tyler
Flora, representing the junior class,
came in second place.
Mr. HHS was an enjoyable event
for the students who showed up to
support and cheer on their peers.
“I would recommend going to
watch the Mr. HHS pageant in the future.
It was very entertaining,” sophomore
Grace Denby said.


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