HHS teachers raise money for a more comfy classroom

Sean Coleman & Kelly Guthrie

Have you ever wanted to stand
up during class but were unable to
do so? Well, no worries, because recently
several teachers have started
to discuss implementing raised desks
that will allow students to stand up
if they want to.
“I’m getting together a group of
teachers who are interested in doing
that together. Currently, there are
about 10 teachers, but we hope to
expand if this becomes successful,”
Spanish teacher Chad Taylor said.
This change could really help
students who find it difficult to remain
seated for a full 90 minute
class period.
“Expecting a teenage boy to sit
in one of these hard, uncomfortable
plastic chairs for 90 minutes is totally
unrealistic,” Taylor said.
Taylor is exploring various means
for students to sit or stand during
his class besides conventional standing
“My primary focus is giving
people different options. I’m currently running
a trial with beanbag chairs and
I’ve raised over $1,200 from
people who are supportive of
this change,” Taylor said.
Taylor also believes
that implementing different
systems in classrooms
could have a positive impact
on the students’ health.
“There is research that has been
done in this area that shows higher
levels of obesity when a student is
sitting due to the fact that you burn
more calories by standing than by
sitting,” Taylor said.
Additionally, this new system
could also help students prepare
for jobs in their future
where they will have to stand up for long
periods of time and be interactive
with their environment.
“There is a growing trend of standup desks
for people in the workplace,
and having this sort of system in place
could help prepare them for a
work environment like that,” Taylor
Although Taylor and several
other teachers are supportive of this
change, they do not want all the sitting
desks to be replaced with standing
“We’re thinking maybe starting
with one to three standing desks
so that the students have the option
of standing if they want to. We
don’t want to completely change the
classroom because we don’t feel like
that’s a good idea either,” Taylor
In order to earn the funds necessary
to implement this change, Taylor
first needs to gain the support of
the community.
“The biggest question right now
is figuring out what the students
want. Once we reach that step, I’ll
be able to write a grant through the
Hanover Education Fund and we
can really start to implement this
change within our school,” Taylor


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