Hanover Theatre and Strings travel to NYC

Kelly Guthrie

From the Statue of Liberty, to China
Town, the Hanover Strings, and
Theater have arrived in the Big Apple.
“Students will experience theatre
at the heart of live performance in
the US. They’ll see new styles
of work and learn from some
of the best in the industry,”
theater teacher Elise
Boyd said.
At the end of March the Hanover Strings and
Theater each took a trip to New York.
This trip comes at the
end of the year to celebrate a good year of concerts and
“The trip for strings was fun because I got
to spend time with my strings friends and bond
more closely,” senior cello player Taylor
O’Neal said.
Unlike  the Marching
Band and Show Choir who take an
annual trips, the Hanover Strings
and Theater Departments go every other year,
and have gone to places like Nashville,
Disney World and, now, New York City.
“Unlike our trip two years
ago to Nashville our trip to New
York had a greater impact because of
its diversity and fast pace,” senior violin
player Melisa Nelson said.
The Hanover Strings consists of two
orchestral groups of about 50 student
plus eight chaperones. The trip this
year was four days long stretching from
March 26th though the 29th and included
a trip to the Radio City, a Broadway
musical and the Statue of Liberty.
“We actually played our instruments
on this trip which was different
from our trip to Nashville, also
Nashville is a different feel and personally
I like that we chose to go to
New York this year,” Nelson said.
The Hanover Theater Department
took 22 students from March 26th
through the 28th. There they saw a
couple of Broadway plays including
“Jersey Boys” and “The Curious Incident
of the Dog in the Nighttime.”
Both the strings and theater took
a master class that was taught by professionals
in their field. The strings
took their master class at the Radio
Music Hall.
“I was most excited for our masterclass.
The orchestra had an opportunity
to work with a Broadway pit
conductor on the arranged piece of
‘music from Chicago’ and the theme
from ‘New York, New York,’” senior
cello player Nicole Rhodes said.
For the theater side, a chance to
see how professionals act and preform
was an exciting new experience.
“I was really hoping to improve
my confidence and acting in front of
people,” freshman Amanda Faust said.
New York offers many new experiences
for those who have never
seen it and has many roots in music
and theater including the Harlem Renaissance
and many other aspects that
have resulted in a place influenced by
different cultures
The two groups both saw plays on
Broadway, because those plays offered
both a wide range of music and a
range of production and performance.
The strings saw the play “Aladdin” on
their first day.
“Being able to see the Broadway
performances really lets us see what
we as actors could do one day, and
Ms. Boyd has worked hard to put together
a really fun trip,” Nadeau said.
Many students of the Hanover fine
arts department in the last four years
have gone to or through the city of
New York on their many journeys
and many find something they had
never seen before in the city.
“We as an (orchestral) group
would appreciate the orchestras at the
performances we are attending more
than some of the other (Hanover Fine
Art) groups, but most anybody could
get something out of a trip to New
York,” senior Patrick Elliot said.

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