Hanover awarded CTE grant

Madison Lee

Hanover County Public Schools is
working on a plan for a summer Career
and Technical Education (CTE)
Governor’s School with a recently
earned $100,000 grant.
The grant was awarded to Hanover
County Public Schools by the Virginia
Department of Education (VDOE).
The grant money will be used to create
an outline of what the Governor’s
School will look like. The Hanover
County School Board unanimously
approved the grant at their meeting
on March 3. However, since the
grant is over $50,000 it must also be
approved by the Board of Supervisors.
A committee is being formed to
establish a proposal for the new CTE
Governor’s School. According to the
Public Information Officer, Chris
Whitley, the committee will be made
up of educators who have experience
in career and technical education,
business partners in the community
and HCPS staff. The committee will be
tasked with figuring out logistics, such
as how many students may be accepted
and what courses will be offered.
Several summer Governor’s
Schools already exist for different
subjects such as humanities, foreign
languages, math, sciences and arts.
During a summer Governor’s School,
students stay at a college campus for
four weeks while studying the subject
that they have been accepted for.
Colleges such as Virginia Tech, Radford
University, Christopher Newport
University and Virginia Commonwealth
University are used as
sites for summer Governor’s Schools.
Students in the program stay at the
college campus, sleep in dorms and
attend classes and lectures.
According to the Virginia Department
of Education, for a college
to be used as a site for a residential
Governor’s School, the college must
submit a proposal. These proposals
will then be evaluated by members
of the Virginia Advisory Committee
for the Education of the Gifted. The
college will be given a one-year contract,
with the possibility of it being
renewed for four more years, as stated
on the official VDOE website.
“I’ve always known that I wanted
to do stuff in medicine, so it helped
me figure out where in the health
profession I wanted to be,” senior
Paige Lambert, a former student at
the Summer Regional Governor’s
School for Medicine and Health Sciences,
The Governor’s School gives students
an opportunity to meet other
students from all over Virginia who
share their same interests. In between
classes and lectures students are given
opportunities to bond with volunteer
opportunities, recreational activities
and free time. However, getting accepted
into a Governor’s School is
very competitive.
“[The Governor’s School] looks
incredible on college applications because
it shows that you are competitive
academically,” Lambert said.
To be accepted into the Summer
Governor’s School, a student must
be nominated by a teacher, counselor,
another student or a student may
nominate himself/herself. Nominations
are reviewed by a school or division
The students who are approved
must then submit a portfolio or audition
in front of professionals. According
to the Virginia Department
of Education’s website, students are
judged based on test scores, academic
records, extracurricular activities,
honors and awards.
“The Governor’s School opens
your mind to different jobs that are
out there and you get to meet people
from across the commonwealth,
which helps you connect with people,”
Lambert said.


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