Will Insurgent surpass Divergent, or will it fall?

Mikayla Mason


One of the many promotional posters to advertise the film http://i2.wp.com/

The success of Divergent has kept
audiences captivated in the sci-fi sequel
Insurgent. Divergent reached
100 million dollars in box office commission
and Insurgent is expected to
have just as strong of an impact.
(forbes.com) Insurgent picks up right
where Divergent left off and jumps
directly into the action and excitement
that entices so many. Tris Prior
(Shailene Woodley) battles with internal
and violent external conflicts
that began in the first film. She does
this all alongside Four (Theo James),
the heartthrob of the series. For some
this is the main hook for the story.
For others the science fiction and action
is what entices them. “I was there
probably for the action, because who
needs romance?” said Stephanie Baylor,
a sophomore.
Fan favorites returned, accompanied
by new actors and actresses such
as Naomi Watts who played Evelyn,
Octavia Spencer who played Johanna
and Daniel Dae Kim who played Jack
Kang. The actors who debuted in Insurgent
had the task of meeting the
standards of Divergent actors, which
was challenging considering the success.
For many returners getting to work
with their colleagues again, created a
great place to film. Ansel Elgort spoke
highly of his experience of continuing
to work with Shailene Woodley.
“Shailene and I are now very comfortable
working with each other and
we trust each other and we’re open
with each other,” Elgort said in an interview
with People
magazine. Hopefully the continuation
of work with actors that they were
comfortable with brought an element
to the film that was beneficial.
The fans of the series were concerned
if the movie followed the book
in a way that was not detrimental to
the beloved plot. Audiences over all
thought that the movie did a
disappointing job at this.
Baylor, who read the series,
thought that the movies were still
well made, even though the plot differs
greatly from what was written in
the book.
“It was the ending-the ending that
made me mad. Everyone was all happy
and it was not like that at all,” Baylor
Erin Watkins, a junior, read the
series and was disappointed with how
the movie failed to follow the book.
“If they didn’t read the books they
would like it,” Watkins said. She
felt that if someone had not read the
books, they wouldn’t know the difference
in the plot.
Katelyn Southern, a sophomore,
also thought that the difference in the
plot was large and greatly affected the
“They left out bigger parts,” Southern
said which disappointed her because
watched the movies because she
read the series.
The story will continue with Allegiant
Part One, which premieres
March 18 2016, and fans are hopeful
it will follow in Insurgent’s footsteps.



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