Substitutes take over

Caroline Provost

This year may be coined “the
year of the pregnant educator”
as Hanover has seen an increase
in the number of female teachers
who are expecting.
Although students see the impending
birth as an exciting new
life, they are often concerned
about what will become of their
classes while their teachers are
away caring for their newborn
Teri Sheffield is currently substituting
for Wendy Pruden’s
standard Biology, advanced Biology
and Advanced Placement
Environmental Science classes.
She says that she was given lesson
plans and assignments by Pruden
beforehand and will be for the
most part sticking to them.
“I am able to add some stuff
but she gave me the framework
to work off of,” Sheffield said.
Dawn Neher was contacted
about six months in advance to
see if she would be available to
fill in for Kari Phlegar’s Chemistry
classes in the spring. Being
Praxis certified in Chemistry, she
has been given extensive day-today
lesson plans by Pheglar for
advanced and Advanced Placement
Chemistry classes and for
the most part has been able to
follow them.
“Mrs. Phlegar is a very organized
teacher. I have lessons
plans pretty much up until the
middle of May or up into the
SOLs in April. I’m doing my best
to follow them,” Neher said.
The School Board must approve
a substitute weeks in advance.
Before officially taking
over instruction, substitutes are
allotted two days of observation
to meet the students and ask
questions. So, with time to prepare
and lesson plans to follow,
it should be as if the teacher had
never left the classroom.

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