Longwood offers EPF courses

Searlait Coffey

The required Economics and
Personal Finance course will now
be available to all Hanover County
Public School students through
Longwood University this summer.
This year’s seniors are the first
graduating class required to have
the Economics and Personal Finance
credit in order to graduate.
Longwood and HCPS have been
working together to give students
more options for completing this requirement.
The Longwood course is available
to any freshman, sophomore
or junior who has completed
Algebra II. Students who
elect to enroll in the
Longwood class will
earn college credits
and complete two of the standard
diploma requirements.
It will be available
in multiple formats , both online and on-campus.
It will be offered
between June 15 and July 11 this summer.
Sophomore, Simone Conroy, is considering taking
the course through Longwood.
“It’s better to take over
the summer, because then I
can have more choices during the
school year,” Conroy said.
The Hybrid option offers the majority
of the course online. However,
during the first week of the
course, a face to face introductory
session will be required. Students
must also go to Longwood campus
in Farmville, VA, for the final exam
on July 11. The Hybrid option costs
$400 and applications must be completed
by May 1.
The second course option, Honors
Academy, is similar to the Hybrid
option, apart from the last week
of the course. From July 5 to July 11,
students will spend their time rooming
and boarding on Longwood’s
campus. Students are also required
to bring their own laptop.This additional
bonus to the course offerings
brings the cost of tuition to $1,500.
“I can’t do that, it’s too much, but
I would enjoy that,” Conroy said.
While on site, students will be
able to in- teract
with Longwood faculty, students
and industry executives. The application
requirements for the Honors
Academy include a teacher or guidance
counselor letter of recommendation.
According to Longwood.edu,
students enrolled in the course are
expected to spend six hours a day
working to be successful in the class.
Any student who completes the
Economics and Personal Finance
course and attends Longwood University
after high school, will also
receive a three credit hour scholarship.
Visit Longwood University’s
website for more information and
printable applications. The Parent/
guardian agreement, In state tuition
application and Undergraduate nondegree
application must all be completed.
Apart from the Longwood
course option, students can
complete the graduation
requirement by taking
classes during school.
International Baccalaureate students
can complete the Economics and
Personal Finance Credit by taking IB
Economics, a course that extensively
covers more than just
the Personal Finance portions.
Non-IB students can complete the course
by taking Economics and Personal Finance
as an elective.
The course at Hanover covers
the following areas: economic
concepts and structures, market
economy, producers and consumers,
price system, supply and demand,
human capital, income potential,
national and global economic goals
and policies, governmental role in
economics, banking, credit and loan
functions, insurance and risk management,
taxes, personal financial
planning and management.


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