This school’s got funky talent

Kayla Oakley

Earlier this month, perhaps the greatest talent search in the county took over the school. Twelve acts competed for a chance to win the admiration of their peers and to grace the stage of the Hanover auditorium. This is Hanover’s Got Talent: Hanover’s annual talent show.
“It was fun, we had a good time,” Hanover Drama Director Elise Boyd said.
C.A.S.T.L.E Productions and Hanover Theatre Company, Oak Knoll and Hanover’s respective drama departments, came together to present the show.
“It’s cool to let the grades mix,” Boyd said.
The departments have worked together many times before, including during last December’s plays.
“I work with Oak Knoll kids when I stage manage the play over there and we’ve worked with them before when we do plays here,” sophomore Alexis Hembry said. Hembry ran the lights for the show said, “We had middle-schoolers in “The Grinch” and “The Velveteen Rabbit” and also in “Oklahoma” last year.”
Overall, student collaboration between schools is well-received, and even welcomed.
“It was a lot of fun [to work with Oak Knoll] because we were in
different plays
[together] and I hadn’t gotten to see a lot of them in a while so it was good seeing them,” senior and Master of Ceremonies for the show Grant Bennett said.
Auditions for the talent show are typically popular, but this year contestants were sparse because it came so soon after exam week.
“We had a low turnout this year, but we still chose the people who were most prepared,” Boyd said.
Although the drama departments put the show together, it is a very different preparation process than that of a play.
“Everyone has to get themselves together [on their own]. [They] show up to auditions done, completely done, and then we just put them together during rehearsal,”Boyd said.
Even with auditions, talent
shows are less formal than plays and require less time to put together.
“We were supposed to have two days of auditions, but we squished it down to one and then had three rehearsals and the show,” Boyd said.
Opening with a piano piece performed by junior Chase Temple, the show started right on time.
“I wasn’t nervous and I did great on it,” Temple said.
After a rendition of the national anthem, middle-schooler Kaela Zazzaretti and senior Grant Bennett, started the show.
“[To prepare for the show] I thought of other shows, like with Ryan Seacrest or Nick Cannon, and I based [my performance] off of that,” Bennett said.
Senior Daniel Oster performed an original comedic composition he created on the piano titled Rock and Roll Nerd.
“It was a really fun experience,” Oster said.
Participants of Hanover’s Got Talent enjoyed the experience, and recommend auditioning to students next year.
“Don’t be nervous; everyone wants you to do well,” Oster said.
The night was filled with dancing, acting, singing, and comedy. Sometimes there was a mixture of all four.
“I thought it went splendidly. It was really good,” Bennett said.


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