Snowy senior sojourn at Wintergreen Resort

Sean Coleman, Kelly Guthrie, Kayla Oakley


Seniors Taylor O’Neal and Taylor Gordon began their descent into the tubing slope area at Wintergreen Resort, the destination of the senior class trip. Ivie Petrus

As the first semester came to an end, seniors plummeted down the mountainside at Wintergreen Resort.
“I think everyone had a really good time this year. There was a bit of confusion at the start of the day, but everything worked out in the end,” Economics teacher Marc Rutman said.
The senior trip this year took place on February 13, 2015 and preluding the snow storm that followed the week after. February 13 was the coldest day of the year so far at Wintergreen Resort.
“(Skiing) was a lot harder than I was expecting. I didn’t do very well, but the tubing made up for that,” senior Drew Houck said.
The trip began at 6:30 a.m. when students arrived at Hanover to get on the charter buses. The trip to Wintergreen Resort was an approximate two-hour drive through the countryside and mountains of Virginia.
“The ride up there was long but definitely not boring considering the people we have in our senior class. Not a dull moment there,” senior Mason Tucker said.
Faculty started the day by passing out and sorting tickets for skiing and tubing based on what students had purchased previous to the trip.
“(The ride up there) was really nice, we got to fellowship and be together and talk and plan the day out,” senior Taylor Gordon said.
Some confusion arose with the distribution of the tickets, with some students not receiving their tubing passes, but this was amended later in the day prior to the tubing experience.
“(My least favorite part was) the first time I went skiing down the slope; I almost killed people,” Houck said.
The students who purchased just skiing or skiing and tubing went first while the students who just purchased tubing explored the resort until the designated time to tube.
“I was really glad [to be able] to go tubing because it let me do stuff [even though] I have no knowledge of skiing or snowboarding. It was the right balance. And there was spinning. Lots of spinning,” Tucker said.
The resort offered many options for dining and recreation such as restaurants and a gaming room.
I got to relax and play games for the first part of the day,” Gordon said, “and then we got to tube and have fun at the end of the day.”
Approximately 59 Hanover seniors attended the event at Wintergreen Resort.
“The trip might have had a bigger turnout if the seniors had chosen to go to the beach, which was one of the two options presented to the seniors at the beginning of the year,” Rutman said.


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