Science sparks innovation

Janak Janai

Students, teachers and science enthusiasts flock to the annual Metro Richmond Science Fair, a hub of unique opportunities and experiences. On fair day, the host school bustles with young innovators presenting their work to enthusiastic judges, parents and teachers.
In order to participate, students must send an application consisting of an extensive scientific paper. If one’s paper is rated highly, then he ot she is accepted into the MRSF.
Aspiring scientists are first sorted into Junior and Senior categories, respectively determined by their enrollment in middle or high school. Additionally, they select a field of science, such as physics or biology, which their project is most related to. Come fair day, students only compete against contestants within the same scientific field and grade-based division.
HHS students have enjoyed the science fair experience.
“(The) science fair is really cool because I get to learn what other people my age are doing and what’s new in science. I originally did the science fair because my teacher made me, and it seemed like a fun thing to do,” junior Maxwell Cloe said.


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