L.C. Bird students cross boundaries

Chloe Woodward

The search has ended for the people
involved in a van crashing into
L.C. Bird High School, which caused
$300,000 in damages.
According to NBC 12 News, a stolen
van was driven into the Chesterfield
high school, catching fire around 1:30
the morning of Thursday, January 22.
“[The perpetrators] strapped a landscaping
brick to the accelerator pedal
of the van,” said CBS 6. That made the
tires continue to spin after the crash,
causing the fire.
Students of L.C. Bird were excused
from school the following Thursday
and Friday, due to extensive smoke and
water damage. Some students even saw
the incident as a blessing in disguise for
this reason.
“That’s awesome,” senior Jake
Wright said, referring to Bird’s students
being out of school for the two days
taken for repairs.
“I was happy because classes were
canceled, I was actually excited,” L.C.
Bird student Deon Fields said, according
to NBC 8 News.
After weeks of searching, Chesterfield
police made an arrest on Februrary
3rd, charging a 16-year-old student
of L.C Bird with, “felony vandalism,
grand larceny, hit and run and conspiracy
to commit a felony,” said CBS
6. Two days later, three more students,
two ages 15, one age 16, were arrested
and charged as well.
Because the students are all underage,
police have withheld their identities.
The perpetrators were caught on
servallience cameras leaving the scene,
but it was their inability to stay off social
media that led to their apprehension.
Chesterfield Police found the suspects
after they bragged about being the
culprits behind the incident on Twitter.
This crash occured just a month after
the infamous McDonald’s 301 crash.
According to Richmond Times Dispatch,
“A 28-year-old man was charged
with reckless driving,” after crashing
into the McDonald’s on Chamberlayne
Road in Hanover County.
Unlike the McDonald’s crash however,
Bird’s incident was intentional.
The motive behind the crash is still unknown,
but because the perpertrators
were students, it could be speculated
that it was a type of prank.
Hanover High has had its share of
senior pranks, including swimming in
the drainage pond, an inflatable bounce
house and plastic wrapping the trees in
the front of the school, but none caused
damage to school property.
In the case of L.C. Bird, however,
the boundary was crossed between
prank and felony. While a good prank
leaves both the pranker and the prankee
laughing, this prank just left the people
of L.C. Bird with a bad taste in their
mouths. Hanover High seniors should
keep things like this in mind when planning
their senior prank at the end of the
Lt. Steve Grohowski, of Chesterfield
Police, told CBS 6 that, “This was
a significant criminal act, and it was
intentional,” which, according to investigators,
caused more damage than
they have seen in the county over the
last five years.
The students who commited the
crime are now being detained at the
Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Center.

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