Hawks win the silent night, 52-49

Zach Palmer

Any Hanover vs. Lee-Davis sporting
event is not just a rivalry, but a
tradition. On February 3 the Lee-Davis
Basketball teams traveled to Hanover
for a long-awaited matchup.
As the Girls Basketball game was
concluding, the stands started filling up
with students dressed in many creative
costumes, ready to support their team.
Hanover knows the feeling of being
on the other side of a school’s silent
night theme from their game against
Atlee, but this night was an attempt at
performing one of their own.
During a silent night game, students
dress up in their favorite costumes
and remain absolutely silent until the
home team scores its 10th point.
As the ball was tipped for the start
of the game, the student section was
filled with anticipation waiting for
that 10th point.
The first quarter turned into a defensive
struggle, with little scoring
from either team. After the first quarter,
Hanover failed to reach the 10
points they were looking for as a team,
trailing by a score of 11 to 8.
The beginning of the second quarter
appeared just as dismal as the first
for the Hawks. Many missed free
throws prevented them from scoring
their 10th point.
Midway through the quarter, after
numerous missed opportunities, fans
could feel the momentum favoring
Lee-Davis. Hanover had not held the
lead at any point during the first half.
After being stuck in silence at 9
points for most of the second quarter,
Jason Wade’s free throws were
what caused an outburst of Hanover
students and fans to erupt, effectively
shifting the momentum of the game
in favor of the Hawks.
“The fans were essential to us staying
in the game. You could tell that
we were in control of the second half
for the most part and that probably
wouldn’t be the case without our
fans. I’m glad we had such a big turnout
and had our silent night on such a
big rivalry,” junior Mason Caler said.
The second half lived up to a typical
rivalry between Hanover and Lee
Davis, with both teams making big
plays. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter
that the Hawks took their first
lead of the game.
They would build off that lead and
extend it to nine points. But Lee Davis
was not going to go away quietly.
They would use the help of their fans
to go on their own 9-0 run to tie the
The Hawks’ defense prevailed and
helped avoid what would have been
a demoralizing defeat. Hanover went
on to win a hard fought battle 52-49,
sweeping rival Lee Davis.
The Hawks boys play Dinwiddie
on February 23rd, and the girls play
Midlothian on the same night, after
a week of cancelations in Hanover


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