Give me a ring or give me death

James Norman


Super Bowl hero, Malcolm Butler, covers Jermaine Kearse. Butler went on to intercept Russell Wilson’s pass at the one yard line in the closing seconds of the game. MCT Campus

In a week filled with tension, controversy,
and doubt, more controversy
and doubt arose, as the Patriots
battled their way to their fourth Super
Bowl win, over the previous Super
Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks.
The final score was 28-24, in a thrilling
The game’s ending left many Seattle
fans enraged, as they passed the
ball on the one yard line, resulting in
an interception by undrafted rookie,
Malcolm Butler, instead of handing
the ball to Marshawn Lynch, their
infamous running-back: known for
powering through defenders.
“I was pretty angry, because we
had it, but we lost it,” junior and Seattle
native, Sami Livingston said.
The Patriots and Seahawks both
fought their way through problems
before the game even started
though, as the Patriots were accused
of deflating their footballs before a
game against the Colts in the playoffs.
For the Seahawks, their problems
stemmed from injuries to star
players, Richard Sherman and Earl
Thomas, and more distraction came
with Marshawn Lynch.
Lynch this season was notorious
for not talking to the media, and that
was the main focus during media
week, and was a major distraction.
Tom Brady and the Patriots were
gunning up the field, by a series of
power running and quick passes to
Edelman, Amendola, and Gronkowski,
when Brady was intercepted by
Jeremy Lane near the endzone and
was pushed out of bounds.
“It (the interception) gave us
hope. It was starting to turn around.”
Livingston said.
In the 2nd quarter, the Patriots
took the ball once again, and led
a scoring drive down the field on a
touchdown pass to Brandon LaFell.
Later in the quarter, the Seahawks
drive down to the Patriots three yard
line, and they hand the ball to the
talk of the town, Marshawn Lynch,
for a three yard touchdown.
Tied at 7-7, the tension was felt in
the air, but Brady found Gronkowski
on a deep pass, for a 22 yard touchdown.
However, the Seahawks answered
right back as Russell Wilson
connected with Corey Matthews, for
an 11 yard touchdown.
In the third quarter, the Seahawks
took flight, as they kicked a field
goal, intercepted Brady, and then
threw for another touchdown, all in
the course of a little over ten minutes.
The game had done a 180, and
the Seahawks were now the ones on
Down by 10, the Patriots needed a
miracle. They got it, by scoring two
unanswered touchdowns in the 4th
quarter, making it 28-24.
Russell Wilson and the Seahawks
found themselves down by 4, with a
little over two minutes left, and had a
chance to lead a game winning drive
against Bill Belichick’s defense.
They dound themselves at the five
yard line, and then Lynch rushed for
four yards, and made it to the one
yard line. However, they decided to
pass, and Malcolm Butler, intercepted
the ball, ending the game.
“All I can remember was that
playcall. All they they need to do
was run it with Marshawn Lynch,
but they didn’t use their star players,”
junior Ethan Boeding said.
Sophomore Isaiah Mathews was
perplexed by the play call, “Any
coach would’ve known not to do
that, especially with such a good
running back,” Mathews said.
“I thought it was a well-played
game. Obviously it was depressing
because we didn’t win but it was
more interesting than last year’s
game,” Livingston said.


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