Don’t want snow no mo’

Kathleen Pfohl

Juno, once a name associated
with a quirky indie film from 2007,
has now become a nightmare to the
citizens of Boston, Massachusetts
and many other Northeastern cities
and towns.
Boston, now approaching its 30th
day of almost continuous snow, approaches
new records for the town’s
wintry history.
Although students of colleges,
high schools and other institutions
may be rejoicing over the numerous
days off, officials in the city as well
as businesses are quickly growing
tired of the snow fall.
Social media websites and news
corporations alike are overflowing
with content ranging from “Really
more snow?” to “Yes, another day
for Netflix!”
In early 2014, the state of Virginia
came across their own “snowpocalypse”
but reached no more than
five inches, if that.
With the Northeastern states having
surpassed 70 inches of snow in
the past month, the worst of Juno
seems to have passed. But what
many Bostonians are wondering is:
Where does all the snow go now?


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