Staff Editorial

For many, a Sadie Hawkins
dance is perfect way for a gal to
ask her favorite guy to an evening
of dancing and merriment. But
is Sadie Hawkins really all it’s
cracked up to be?
Since the dawn of time guys
have always asked the girls.
Whether it was in a cute or creative
fashion or not, the males have always
worn the pants in this situation.
But it seems newfound courage
for girls spread like wildfire in
the 21st century and subsequently
backfired on Sadie Hawkins.
Girls will ask guys indiscriminately
no matter the event nowadays.
Prom-posals have been exceptionally
popular with the ladies.
With prom being the biggest dance
of the year, some girls would rather
ask the guy out of fear of not
being asked at all.
Despite the possibility of bitter
rejection, the temptation of acceptance
has caused girls to grow
much bolder. The idea of girls asking
guys has become normal. So,
this begs the question: Has Sadie
Hawkins lost its luster?
Some would say no, Sadie
Hawkins is a special dance apart
from homecoming and prom. But
is it really special? Sadie Hawkins
dances are usually, if not always,
downplayed events. It will not be
a surprise to see guys and girls in
casual attire (jeans, button-down
shirts, casual dresses and cowboy
Therefore, it leads to the question
as to whether the fruits of a
girl’s labor to creatively ask a boy
are really worth an evening of
square dancing at a good, old fashioned
hoedown. What it all boils
down to is personal preference;
Sadie Hawkins dances aren’t for
As if the idea of girls asking
guys was not enough, girls have
also been increasingly creative in
the manner by which they ask.
This has led guys to seriously
step up their asking game for other
events. Generally, despite gender,
the more tacky or imaginative the
invitation, the less likely the askee
is able to reject the asker.
Girls (and boys) tend to take
a liking to this characteristic because
it drastically decreases the
odds of denial. The ask-ee, completely
guilt-ridden by the thought
of saying no to such a unique way
of asking, would likely say yes and
accept the invitation. Likewise,
this can happen to either gender.
However, it has resulted in an
unspoken battle of imagination, or,
for unimaginative folks, a contest
to see who can steal the most creative
way to ask from Pinterest.
Either way, the thrill of being
asked could be enough to entice
a person into going to a Sadie
Hawkins dance, especially if the
person asking is a crush.
There is no denying that a Sadie
Hawkins dance is a fairly new
concept to the students of Hanover.
No class (freshman, sophomores,
juniors or seniors) has yet to experience
such an event.
To seniors, this is likely a onetime
deal, so why not go? Ladies,
scour the internet and put on your
thinking caps; the time has come
for you to claim your date.


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