Paul McCartney? Don’t know him…

Kaleb Hornton

Who is Paul McCartney?
Now chances are if you were
born after the 60s you can answer
that question without hesitation.
But, according to social media websites,
such as Twitter, some fans of
popular hip hop artist Kanye West
have no idea who Paul McCartney
even is. After the two artists’ recent
collaboration for West’s new album
many “music-loving” fans are being
informed that they have missed out
on one of rock-and-roll’s legends.
“Kanye has a great ear for talent.
This Paul McCartney guy gonna be
huge,” Twitter user Desus Nice said
when listening to the collaboration
song of the two artists “Only One.”
This seems to be the trend of
many of West’s fans, claiming that
the hip hop artist knows undiscovered
talent when he hears it, even
though this talent was discovered
over 50 years ago. So is the newer
generation really that oblivious to
entertainment from past generations?
“Those twitter posts were meant
to be sarcastic,” economics teacher
and avid Beatles fan Jeffery Fogg
answered as he described what he
thinks about the infamous twitter
posts claiming McCartney to be
unknown or undiscovered talent.
“Even if they were real, when was
the last time Paul McCartney was
relevant or even came out with a
relevant song?” he asked.
“If you don’t know who Paul
McCartney is, let alone the Beatles,
then you must have been sheltered
your whole life,” sophomore Pierce
Downey said of the situation.
“People should know
who Paul McCartney
is; he was a big
part of US history, and the Beatles
heavily influenced the way our entertainment
industry is today,” junior
RJ Garza said.
One question that can arise from
all the confusion could also be, do
older generations know who Kanye
is? Although the comparison of the
two “artists” and the success derived
from the two muscians careers
could be way off, depending
on your opinion, it raises a question
of generational differences, bringing
up an often common debate,
is one generation better than the
other? A 70 year old woman may
know The Beatles but not know
Kanye , whereas a 16 year
old boy may know Kanye
but not Paul, but does
this mean something?
The differences in eras,
genres of music,
and social media exposure
may be the main
contributors to this lack
of knowledge.
But perhaps, in this situation
a more crucial question is
at hand, is it sarcasm or do these
Kanye West fans really not know?
It’s possible that the Twitter accounts
behind these comments were
fake, but it’s also possible that Paul
McCartney and the Beatles have
become irrelevant over the past few
decades. Regardless of whether this
is true, our generation and generations
after should still know about
one of the most influential rock
groups in the history of not only
England and The United States, but
possibly even the world.


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