Looking forward in new year

Mikayla Mason

Students at Hanover have just
ended another year of firsts. Miley
Cyrus made a dramatic transformation
from the Hannah Montana
everyone knew to the crazy ball
riding tongue flashing adult we
were introduced to in 2014. The
“Frozen” phenomenon swept over
HHS and many students’ attempts
to sing “Let It Go” echoed through
the halls long after the film premiered.
While 2014 was a year of firsts
for filmaking, 2015 appears to be
a year of seconds as the sucess of
these firsts will try to be emulated
in the upcoming years.
It seems as though every big
movie of 2014 is continuing its story.
These beloved movies’ sequels
will be held to the high standard of
their predecessors.
“Insurgent,” the sequel to “Divergent,”
is coming to theaters on
March 20. Fans have waited almost
exactly one year for the continuation
of the science fiction, postapocalyptic
plot. “Divergent” captured
audiences everywhere and
“Insurgent” will follow its lead as
Tris Prior saves the lives of people
around her and internally battles
with questions of her identity.
Sophomore Caroline Drumheller
is an avid fan of the “Divergent”
series. She has read all of the books
and has a countdown of the “Insurgent”
premiere date on her phone.
Drumheller was happy with the
“Divergent” movie and thoroughly
enjoyed the actors’ portrayal of her
favorite novel. Her only complaint
was that the first movie didn’t follow
the book.
“I feel like a lot of people wanted
it to be closer to the book so
hopefully [Insurgent] will be this
time,” Drumheller said. This series
will continue farther with “Allegiant
Part 1”, which is set to premiere
on March 18, 2016.
“We’re Back Pitches,” the sequel
to the popular film “Pitch Perfect,”
hits theatres on May 15th. The
movie will follow Beca as she continues
her collegiate acapella career
at international competitions
that occurs only every four years.
Everyone’s favorite characters will
be back along with their famous
comedic personalities.
“Maze Runner” hit theaters this
fall and had major success. Hopefully
its popularity will transfer
to its successor, “Scorch Trials.”
This movie follows Thomas and
the other Gladers as their assumed
freedom from escaping the Maze
vanishes as they are placed in the
next phase — the Scorch Trails.
Wes Ball, the director of “Maze
Runner,” plans to use the help of
James Dashner again while filming
“Scorch Trails.”
Which movies will prove to be
hits while the others fade into obscurity?
Only time will tell.


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