Famous Dave’s waves goodbye to Richmond

Matthew Harris

Famous Dave’s all around the
Richmond area closed Monday
December 29. Many who live in
the area were surprised upon the
closure of these establishments.
The restaurants appeared to be
doing well on the surface, but internally
had many issues. The company
had been struggling in recent years
and, in an attempt to remedy their
problems, hired a former McDonald’s
executive Ed Rensi to replace
previous head CEO, John Gilbert.
Ed Rensi gave his logic
behind closing the
three restaurants.
“[The closings]
will drive the greatest increase
in company performance
and long-term, per share, shareholder
value,” Resni said in an interview.
While Rensi is looking to do
t h e best for his company,
Famous Dave’s of America Inc.,
many locals believe
that his and his company’s
ambitions are hurtingmany
of those who had worked for him.
These workers were given no
notice ahead of time about the closing
of the restaurant. This lack
of warning left many jobless
just following the holidays.
Luckily, those who had lost their
jobs were given an opportunity to
start anew. Other barbeque restaurants,
such as Buz and Ned’s, had
posted on their Facebook, “We always
have room for good people
who have a love for some barbecue.
If you know people affected, please
encourage them to fill out an application
on our site or stop by our store.”


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