Eaves leaves, Wills fills duties

Kayla Oakley


Officer Wills settles into his office as new resource officer. Hannah Thompson

Have you noticed something different
in the school’s atmosphere?
Deputy Thomas “Tommy” Eaves,
School Resource Officer for Hanover
since its establishment, has retired
from his position.
School pricipal Dr. Dana Gresham
had nothing but nice things to say
about Eaves.
“I’ve worked with a number of really
wonderful SROs, but I’ve never
seen one that was just such a magnet
for people and kids,” Gresham said.
In addition to his colleagues, many
students at Hanover formed close
bonds with Eaves over the years, and
will forever remember the support
and care that he gave to them.
“He was always really nice. If
you walked by him he would always
smile and ask how your day was going,”
senior Alice Davenport said.
Being an officer for 27 years,
Eaves felt that it was the right time
to hang up his hat.
“It is time for me now to concentrate
on God and family,” Eaves said.
Although Officer Eaves left before
the end of the school year, he is still
working for the Hanover County
Sheriff’s Department for a brief period
of time before he fully retires
from the force.
Eaves left before the end of the
year because he wasn’t hired in the
same way that school employees are;
who start and finish full years of employment
in the summer.
“He was probably hired in March,
so going to March would finish out
a full year of employment for him,”
Gresham said.
Being serving at Hanover since its
opening, Eaves has made himself an
important figure in the school’s history.
“He’s such a good guy,” Gresham
said, “Deputy Eaves was just all
Since Officer Eaves’ retirement,
Deputy Steven Wills has joined the
faculty as the new School Resource
Officer. Before coming to Hanover,
Officer Wills was the Drug Abuse
Resistance Education (DARE) officer
for Rural Point, Washington Henry
and Laurel Meadows Elementary
“I’ve worked with [Officer Wills]
before when I was the principal [at
Rural Point],” Gresham said, “I was
delighted that they put him here,
already knowing him. He’s a real
stand-up kind of individual.”
Adjusting to high school hasn’t
been difficult for Officer Wills, but
it’s a very different environment
than the elementary schools that he
was used to.
“A lot of [being a DARE officer]
was teaching mainly fifth graders.
When I wasn’t teaching, I was
there for presence and security,”
Wills said. “I’ve noticed there’s a
little more drama [here than at the
elementary schools]. It has to do a
lot with dealing with kids that are
having disagreements with friends
or boyfriends or girlfriends. There’s
more adult situations that occur.”
To some, Officer Wills is an unfamiliar
face, but to those students that
went to Rural Point as fifth graders,
he’s far from a stranger.
“The ninth graders who are here
from Rural Point actually had him
as a DARE officer. That’s been really
fun,” Gresham said.
Although Wills enjoyed working
with the elementary school kids, he
likes the new variety that being an
SRO entails.
“I wanted a little bit more of
a challenge; something different
where I wasn’t teaching the same
lesson 13 times. There’s more responsibility,”
Wills said. “I have
thoroughly enjoyed it here. It’s been
a very smooth transition, and I enjoy
being around the kids and staff
Staff and students alike have
whole-heartedly accepted Officer
Wills as a new member of the Hanover
“You are in very confident hands
with Deputy Steve Wills. You will
find him to be very smart, eager to
help and especially caring,” Eaves
said. “I am very pleased he will be
taking my spot as your SRO knowing
that these things are true.”

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