The new faces of Hanover sports

Zach Palmer

As a new season arrives, along
come two new coaches at Hanover.
Two coaches who have previous experience
and are highly motivated to
make the teams as good as they can
be. The Girls Soccer, and Boys Lacrosse
teams will now feature two
new head coaches come spring sports
Dave Daly, former Godwin head
coach and Randolph Macon assistant,
will take the head coaching job
for the Boys Lacrosse team, as the
team enters its eighth year of existence
at Hanover.
“I am very excited to work with
a new coach and see what he brings
to the table. Although I do not know
him, I have heard he knows a lot about
lacrosse, coaching at Macon and Godwin,”
junior Cole Hodges said.
Daly, a New York native, moved
to Richmond in 2009 to begin a new
coaching career. He served as the
head coach for the Mills Godwin Eagles
Lacrosse team for two years, until
later moving to the collegiate level to
assist with coaching at the local college,
Randolph Macon.
Daly has previously played Lacrosse
at Molloy College, a division
two private college in upstate New
York where he was known as an elite
defender. There, he was part of the
Pre-Season All American team going
into his senior season.
“He told me personally that he really
looks forward to coaching here at
Hanover,” former Hanover Lacrosse
coach and current teacher Donald
Kalinowski said about Daly.
Daly will be looking to establish a
high powered Lacrosse team at Hanover
High School in the spring.
The Girls Soccer team will also
start their season with a new coach,
who is already familiar to many girls
on the team. John Andruss, father of
current Hanover soccer player Mia
Andruss, will be stepping up in place
of Joseph Brocius, the former coach
of the squad.
“Already being involved with Mia
Andruss, I know her dad well. He is
my club coach and is very qualified
for the position. We are disappointed
in our coach stepping down, but also
very excited to see what Mia’s dad has
in store for us,” junior Kayla Haas said
about Coach Andruss.
The enthusiasm started to set into
all the players on the team the evening
of November 12, but none were
more excited than Andruss.
“It’s official, my dad is the new Soccer
coach at Hanover,” were Andruss’
enthusiastic words on Twitter on the
night that her dad was introduced as
the new head coach.
Coach Andruss will look to take
last year’s Hawks team, and turn it
into the powerhouse team of Hanover
These two experienced coaches
will be looking to make their mark in
the Hanover sports program, as well
as with their new players. Boys Lacrosse
plays their first game on March
16, 2015, and Girls Soccer plays their
first match on March 24, 2015; the
beginning of new eras in Hanover
sports history is approaching.


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