Stringing up the jingle bells

Jessica Peyton

Pic 3

The Strings Ensemble worked hard rehearsing for the concert. Hannah Thompson

The best way to spread Christmas
cheer is singing (and playing your musical
instruments) for all to hear.
On December 16th, the auditorium
of Hanover High School was flooded
with the harmonious sounds of its
very talented music students.
At 7 p.m. on this particular
night, Hanover High
School’s three major
musical organizations
(strings, band and chorus)
came together for one
mega holiday concert.
Members of orchestra,
wind ensemble,
and various choral
groups had an evening of music
planned for all to get everyone who
attended into that great holiday spirit,
for which they have been practicing
for weeks.
The holiday experience is never
complete without Christmas music,
and what better place to hear some
quality, live, merry melodies than
Hanover High School? Classic tunes,
as well as some less familiar ones,
were performed in small ensembles
throughout the night. The last two
performances, Christmas Festival
and the Hallelujah Chorus, were performed
with all three music groups
on stage. Christmas Festival, a festive
piece by Leroy Anderson, included
some of the classics like Jingle Bells
and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
Hallelujah Chorus is the quintessential
choral piece, written by G.F. Handel.
Other pieces performed included
March of the Toys from the 1961 Disney
film Babes in Toyland, and Sim
Shalom Hineih Mah Tov. The stage
and surrounding area were very loud
and crowded with holiday cheer with
so many students on stage.
Seeing band, chorus and orchestra at
one time knocks three birds out with
one stone and guarantees a good time.
“We’ve been wanting to do a concert
where all the different music
groups get together on stage, because
we get a larger turnout,”
junior Amber Swindells said.
Swindells believes that performing
together brings out the best in all of
the departments. “If the band is playing
a song and we’re also singing it, it
sounds better than if we’re just singing
it or we are just playing it.”
Although it’s rare to have the
chance to see all of the school’s music
talent at once, this is not the first time
it has happened. Those who were here
surely remember musician
Shaun Cannon’s “Live for
Music” tour that took
place two years ago,
where all the music departments
got together to perform music
led by Cannon.
This collaboration also
occurs annually during the
Veteran’s Day Assembly.
Besides the chance to hear the talent
that Hanover High School possesses:
Holiday Edition, there were also
other incentives to attend this lovely
concert. A raffle was held for a $2,000
custom made guitar, equipped with
amp and case. Tickets were $10 each
for a chance to win.
Senior Nicki Rhodes was excited
for the collaboration. “I [was] looking
forward to being able to collaborate
with the other music disciplines at
Hanover. We sound good separately,
but we sound phenomenal when the
band, chorus and orchestra play together,”
Rhodes said.

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