Is Christmas beginning too early this year?

Ashlyn Davis & Chloe Woodward

The glow of Christmas cheer
emanates from the houses lined
up row after row in the suburbs.
Holiday decorations encases
supermarkets around the town,
and the inhabitants grudgingly
accept the preemptive strike on
the festivities.
Halloween had scarcely ended
before stores started setting up
their Christmas displays, and radio
stations began playing Christmas
Senior Patrick Elliott
commented on his dislike for
early Christmas celebrations.
“I personally can’t stand
when there are Christmas
sections up in department stores
around Halloween,” Elliott said.
“Companies start really early
because they know people spend
loads more than normal around
this time of year.”
People across the nation had
barely cleared the turkey and
cranberry sauce off the table
before lights and Christmas music
entered the threshold of every
day life. Black Friday deals lured
people out of their homes to catch
early deals in anticipation for the
giving season.
Not only are decorations
and lights sneaking in earlier
each year, Christmas music is
making an early comeback as
well. Richmond’s Easy 100.9
began playing Christmas music
on November 1st. They even
deemed themselves as Richmond’s
“number one source for Christmas
However, not everyone loathes
the early start to the Christmas
“I think Christmas should start
the day after Thanksgiving. I love
this time of year because of the
warm lights and cozy sweaters,”
senior Natalie Kerby said.
Regardless of what you believe
about the early start of Christmas,
it’s important to remember the
meaning behind it all. Take a step
back from all the Forever 21 and
Yankee candle deals. Pull your
friends and family together and
have a happy, safe and loving time
this holiday season.


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