HHS teacher candidate for VFW award

Searlait Coffey

Science teacher Jeremy Osborn
has been nominated for the 2014-
2015 Veterans of Foreign Wars
Battlefield Post 9808 Teacher of
the Year award.
Every year, three teachers from
around the country are recognized
by the VFW’s Teacher of the Year
Award. Some 141 other posts in
Virginia have nominees for the
awards. Osborn is a part of the
Mechanicsville Post 9808.
Osborn started teaching at HHS
last year, but his military career
has been active for four years. He
currently serves in the Army National
Guard as a Battalion Logistic
Officer for the Brigade Special
Troops Battalion in Fredericksburg.
“Just logistics, overall just making
sure that everything runs well.
The food needs to get where it’s
supposed to be going, oil…all the
logistic side of things,” Osborn
Osborn was unaware he was
even being considered for the
“What I was told, is that it just
has to do with doing the teaching
job [to the] best of my abilities,”
Osborn said.
The contest is active at three
different levels of teaching positions:
K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 teachers.
A winning teacher is chosen at
each grade integer. Judges review
each nominee at the District-level,
then the Department (state)-level
and finally nationally at the VFW
National Headquarters.
The judging process takes place
over three months. The nomination
deadline was November 15.
District judging was completed
December 15. A little under a
month later, on January 10, the
state judging will be completed.
The winners selected from the
state level will be sent to the headquarters
by January 15.
Judges assess the nominees
based off of four sub-categories:
citizenship, innovation, resources
and passion. Each category is
judged off of a maximum 25 point
scale. The combined scores determine
the nominees overall score.
Teachers can win $1,000 for
their own professional development
expenses as well as $1,000
for their school. Two plaques are
given to the teacher and his or her
school. The teacher’s trip to the
VFW conference is also financially
covered to receive their award.
“I’m just excited, obviously, to
be nominated for any award. My
passion is teaching students and
also the military is a very important
part of my life too,” Osborn


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