Clubs to share spirit

Sallie Sledd

Helping out during the holiday
season has been a tradition in the
community for years and Hanover
continues to band together and
support local people in need.
Numerous clubs have planned to
assist those who are lacking holiday
necessities. Some of these clubs
include Sophomore Class, Beta,
Sophomore Class is supporting
Richmond’s Toys for Tots Foundation
by collecting as many toys as
possible. Toys for Tots helps lessfortunate
children receive new,
unopened toys for Christmas.
“It benefits the community because
it helps families that can’t afford
to provide toys for their own
kids,” sophomore Caroline Drumheller
Additionally, Sophomore Class
is considering giving support
to soldiers in December by
sending them small packages
containing items such
as candy and playing cards.
Health Occupation Students
of America (HOSA) is
completing multiple projects
over the winter season.
They have partnered with
Memorial Regional Medical
Center to make
stocking stuffers
for children.
Another project
that they
are involved in includes collecting
school supplies for elementary
school children in Hanover.
“Kids come back to school after
winter break with no supplies. Kids
need to be ready to learn,” HOSA
sponsor and nurse aide teacher
Chris Thomas said.
HOSA is also participating in
Pennies for Patients from January
to March for the Leukemia and
Lympho- ma Society. They have
decided to help the Leukemia
and Lymphoma
Society fundraise for the next two
years since these cancers
are not represented
by the American Cancer Society.
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes
(FCA) is collecting gloves,
scarves and other winter essentials
to send to deployed soldiers to keep
warm during the winter. In addition,
they have “adopted” a family
in the community and are making a
Christmas basket for them.
“I think it shows them that we
really care as students and we are
devoted to it,” senior officer of
FCA, Taylor Gordon, said.
HHS Beta Club is supporting the
surrounding community through a
canned food drive for FeedMore, a
Central Virginia Foodbank. Beta is
sponsoring a child in the community
for the holidays as well.
“Our goal is to help in the
school as well as the greater community,”
senior secretary of Beta,
Sarah Owen, said.
There are many organizations
outside of HHS helping out the
community during the holidays.
An organization in the Greater
Richmond area called Beds for
Kids, which supplies beds year
round for children, offers assistance
during Christmas to children
who may be without toys this year.
HHS students are
making a huge impact
not just in the school,
but in the entire
Hanover community.


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