Take a lap around the raceway with your car

Jake Soble

If you have always wanted
to take a spin around the Richmond
International Raceway
(and who hasn’t) now’s your
chance because you finally can!
This is not the NASCAR Racing
Experience Gift Card that you can
buy at various big box stores for
about $130 that gives you a ride,
taking you for a few taps around
the track with a professional
driver in a high-speed racecar.
No. This is YOUR car and YOU
are the driver, for a fraction of the
cost and for the thrill of a lifetime.
For $20 you drive your own car
for 5 laps and the money raised
is given to charity. Win…Win!
In mid October, the sky was
overcast. Rain seemed imminent.
Nobody at RIR was
daunted. A Mustang Club, minicoopers,
Chrysler Mopars and
a particularly well maintained
1993 Honda Accord owned by
the author of this column revved
their engines this day. One session
was not enough for anyone!
Since it was overcast, there
were only about 150 people
in attendance. Therefore, going
for a second or third fivelap
run around the track was
both affordable and available.
Money collected on this October
Sunday went to the Henrico
County Police Athletic League
for their crime prevention program.
The Henrico PAL was established
in 2007. In their mission
to prevent juvenile crime
and violence, they provide after
school mentoring, summer
and basketball camp opportunities
and leadership programs.
The next RIR Cares Track Lap
Date was November 15 in conjunction
with their Blood Drive. Donate
blood and you drive. You must
be 18 years old and follow the RIR
safety rules, and laps can be postponed
or cancelled due to weather.
What could be better than driving
five laps around the threefourths
mile oval track, also known
as America’s Premier Short Track?
Not many of the over 70,000 seats
will be filled with cheering fans, but
what do you care? You’re driving!


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