Making the most but doing the least

Kaleb Horton

After three years you’re finally
here: Senior Year!
With all of the pros of being
a senior, from early release
every day (if you keep up your
grades), to all of the freshmen
having to respect your authority,
it seems as though there aren’t
any downsides.
But then there’s the disease
that is rumored to be lurking
around each corner that appears
during the golden year. A disease
that makes students simply
not care anymore. A disease that
makes them say “Hey, I can just
take a zero on this homework.”A
disease that can make straight-
A students turn into an everyday
C-average students. This
dreaded disease is infamously
dubbed, Senioritis!
Senior Nick Day shed light
on the topic by describing senioritis
and its distinct feeling.
“Senioritis is like being held in a
prison cell while you wait to be released
to whatever you go on to do
after high school,” Day said. “It simply
just comes from the exhaustion of
the workload you’ve had to deal with
in the last three years. Turning 18 and
getting your license also plays a big
Although senioritis is not curable,
it is very treatable. The best treatment
is a crazy little thing called motivation,
whether it comes from some
sort of prize you get for doing your
work, to a companion who is always
there letting you know that you can
do anything if you just put your mind
to it. Another great treatment is trying
as hard as you can to keep on task.
Techniques that help you with
this include turning off some
of your electronic devices that
will not help you with your
school work and will probably
distract you. Some of these
devices include your television,
phone, and any kind of
messenger app.
Every student is susceptible
to senioritis, everyone is
affected by it, whether it’s not
doing a homework assignment
or two or skipping multiple
days of school and not making
up quizzes and tests. Now although
students should make
sure not to perform these acts
of laziness, it doesn’t hurt
every now and then to accidentally
miss something. A
small bout of senioritis does
not mean that one’s whole senior
year is ruined; that can only happen
if students let it get into their heads
because then they have lost, and senioritis
has won.


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