Honoring local heroes

Sean Coleman & Georgia Geen

For many students at Hanover,
having a family member or friend in
the military is a normal part of their lives.
In order to honor the veterans
who risked their lives in defending
the United States, Hanover conducted
its annual Veteran’s Day
Assembly on Friday, November 7th.
Several students presented
Power Point presentations about
their family members in the
military. Senior Hannah
Thompson spoke about the
father of Senior Catherine Holl.
“My dad was a sonar
tech in the Navy. I think that
the celebration is well run
and very enjoyable. It is an
excellent way to honor veterans
and let them know that they
are appreciated in the community.
I am glad that my dad is able to be
honored as well,” Holl said.
Describing the significance of
the event, history teacher and
event-coordinator Brian Letourneau said:
“It’s a way for our student body
to recognize the contribution
of our veterans to our
nation. A lot of the veterans who are
honored are related to students and
are members of our own community.
I hope that they walk away from
this assembly feeling honored and
respected by the school community.
This will be our 10th year of doing
the Assembly, so it has become a
pretty important event.”
This is a significant
event to many
members of the Hanover community.
It helps to explain the hardships
and accomplishments that they
achieved in their military careers.
The Veteran’s Assembly is sure
to bring attention to the
of the community who
have worked hard to defend
the nation.
In addition to presentations
given by individual students,
the Hanover Symphony Orchestra
and chorus performed for the
students. This group consists of the
String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble
and Mixed Chamber Singers.
Performers arrived promptly at 8
a.m, in order to set up before the assembly.
It was a crowded stage, with
the three music branches crammed.
With only one full rehearsal, Hanover’s
musicians performed “Armed
Forces: The Pride of America” in
addition to “Lest We Forget,” and
“America the Beautiful.” The back to
back assemblies meant that they performed
each song twice.
They also performed an arrangement
of the national anthem.
Marching band students didn’t require
sheet music; they had the song
memorized to play at football games.
Hanover continues to honor its
veterans through stories and


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