Cheer achieves back-to-back state apperances

Brady Didlake & Zach Palmer

Why is Competition Cheer leading
so excited? Why is there a new air
about them? Why does this sensation
they feel seem so familiar? It’s because
they’ve reached state greatness for the
second year in-a-row.
Sophomore Tori Matthews lights up
when describing the feeling of going
to states for cheer leading. “It’s pretty
awesome being a sophomore and having
another chance at a State title,” said
It’s been a long road getting to the
state competition as the Hawks began
their run at their Conference 20
tournament. Tensions raised as all
the teams were hoping to complete a
flawless routine. First the J.V. teams
performed and then the Dinwiddie
Generals set the stage. The Hawks
watched nervously as they awaited
their turn to compete.
When it was all said and done, the
Hawks finished second with a score of
266 and a spot in the Regional tournament.
Hanover came up just short of Glen
Allen which had a score of 267. Following
the Hawks for third place were
the Dinwiddie Generals (score of 239)
and fourth place, the Midlothian Trojans
(score of 238).
“Knowing we had made it to the second
round at regionals really showed
how much hard work we have put in
since we started in August,” sophomore
cheerleader Alex Crews said.
After their tournament, the Hawks
were set to travel to Glen Allen High
School on November 1st to compete in
the Regional Tournament.
As the Hawks entered Glen Allen
high school, they were eager to bring
home a regional championship. They
knew coming in that this would be
a tough task due to the fact that the
other competitors were just as prepared.
Out of these teams, they would
be matching up against last year’s state
champion, Grafton.
The final scores at regionals were:
Grafton at 290.5, Nansemond River at
275.5, Glen Allen with 274, and Hanover
with 270.
After the competition, Hanover
didn’t bring home a championship.
Instead, they seized an opportunity to
compete for statewide honors for the
second year in a row.
“We were so excited and it was very
close. Everyone was very good this
year so when we found out we were
going we knew that this was going to
be our chance to win states this year,”
Hanover cheerleader Savannah Baldwin
The Hawks knew they had to set
the bar for the other teams in the state
tournament as they competed first in
the 4A division. They finished with
a score of 241 at the end of the first
round, which was just enough to send
them to the second round of the finals.
The three other teams that joined the
Hawks in the second round were Grafton,
Nansemond River, and conference
rival Glen Allen.
In order to determine the competing
order for the second round, each
coach drew a number out of a hat (1-
4). The Hawks drew a number four.
The Hawks would have to wait to get
the chance to compete.
The Hawks would go on to finish
fourth but were the first Hanover
Competition team to advance to the
second round of States.
“Although we didn’t finish first, I
am very proud of my team on the outcome
of our season,” said Crews. “I
can’t wait to see what is in store for us
in the future.”


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