Can you “dig” Hawks volleyball

Girls volleyball

The ladies of Hanover Volleyball excited after a big play made. Danielle White

Zach Palmer

Coming into the season with no departing
starters has definitely helped
the Girls’ Volleyball team at Hanover
to be the number one seed going into
the conference tournament.
“It feels awesome being seeded
number one in the conference tournament,
but it also adds a lot of pressure
because we are no longer an underdog.
I hope to do everything I can
to help our team pull through,” junior
Leila Haynesworth said.
The Hawks starting lineup is made
up of five juniors, one senior and a
freshman. Junior libero (defensive
specialist) Rebecca Hoover and Allie
Dry help lead the squad on the floor.
Hanover has achieved a regular
season record of 16 wins and 5 losses,
with only one conference loss to Glen
After that loss to Glen Allen, a win
against Glen Allen was needed to stay
on top of the conference. They needed
to even the score against Glen Allen
to keep the season going, and they
came out on top.
“This match was extremely exciting
and grueling. It was a great win for
our confidence knowing Glen Allen is
one of our toughest opponents in the
state. I was thrilled to get out of there
with a win, and it was a huge part in
securing the top seed in the conference
tournament,” Hoover said.
Splitting wins on the season
against two arch rivals, Lee Davis and
Atlee, were also crucial victories for
the Hawks’ confidence.
“It’s the first time beating Atlee
and Lee Davis in six years since Kristen
Carpenter left. But Atlee was definitely
our biggest win because they
are our biggest rival,” junior Miranda
Hall said.
A good amount of the Hawks’ success
wouldn’t be happening without
the lone starting senior on the team,
Allie Dry, the only girl who stands
above five foot ten and creates a brick
wall when attempting to block opponent’s
“She’s the only senior on the team,
so we all look up to her for motivation
and as a leader on and off the court,”
junior Kendall Pully said.
“She is one of the best team leaders
I’ve ever coached. She understands
her role very well both on and off the
floor,” head coach Karl Lippa said.
The Hawks look to use their late
season success with only one team
goal in mind: A state championship.
“Being on the volleyball team has
definitely been a learning experience.
I couldn’t have asked for a better team
to play with all these years and I hope
we are able to leave a mark in the
school’s history,” Dry said.


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