Black Friday sales for all

Mikayla Mason

TVs, tablets, Kindles and Nooks
are the products that are predicted
to have the most sales this year.
This merchandise is the favorite
of the majority of the customers,
CNN predicts to have
prices as low as $80, tablets and
eReaders estimated at $30.
Freshman Drew Hulburt,
does not see the appeal of Black
Friday sales. “The sales don’t
apply to me and don’t really
matter…it’s just not worth it, ”
Hulburt said.
Hulburt expressed that he
can shop and run around stores
manically anytime, which takes
away the thrill of Black Friday
and leads to his disregard of the
“I go for the sport of it. You
hope to win. In this case, you
want to score that super bargain,”
Edgar Dworsky, founder
of, said to
reporters from Today.
People are so determined to get
the presents they want, that many are
willing to start the search as soon as
they finish their Thanksgiving feast.
Black Friday this year is predicted to
start as early as Wednesday because
companies want to get as many sales
in as possible, according to theblackfriday.
“Total spending over Black Friday
weekend hit a record $59.1 billion
[in 2013], up from $52.4 billion
last year,” calculated researchers at
CNN. This year is supposed to have
an increase in sales as well. The merchandise
most people want are TVs,
followed by videogames and gaming
Sophomore Miranda Plunkett has
a family that is fanatical about Black
Friday shopping. For the Plunketts,
the goal of Black Friday is to complete
all of their Christmas shopping
in one night. They sometimes wake
up at 2 a.m. to hunt for the best gifts.
Other years they have stayed up until
4 a.m. scouring the stores.
Plunkett has witnessed much
shoving and elbow thrusting from
intense shoppers over the years
of Black Friday adventures.
Plunkett thinks that Black Friday
is an interesting representation
of our society. “It’s crazy,
but fun to stay out all night just
shopping,” Plunkett said, “We
live in a weird society.”
It brings the merchandise
crazed consumer world to light,
and shows just how crazy society
is about material items.
For Plunkett, these middle
of the night experiences are
special because of the desperate
shoppers she gets to see and
the feeling of being a part of the
Some 307.67 million people
shop during Black Friday, says
CNN, and the majority feel
that Black Friday shopping is
less about the deals and more
about being a part of the rowdy 3
a.m. crowds. The deals come second
to the bond gained with the people
they run around stores with in an
unruly manner.


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