A Hanover golf phenom

Brady Didlake

Senior Matthew Alexander became
the first male golfer from
Hanover to ever reach the State
Tournament: a monumental
“I think it’s an honor to be the
first male golfer from Hanover to
make it to States,” Alexander said,
describing his feelings about making
history at the school.
Alexander was a leader of the
Hawks Golf team from the beginning
of the season. He was referred
to as the “tryout medalist,” meaning
he shot the lowest out of his
entire team.
Alexander has started almost
every game since his sophomore
season, and started some games as
a freshman, which is rare because
players must place in the top six of
their team to compete.
“Matt is a senior, and he has
learned that when you play golf,
there is nothing to focus on other
than your next shot. The last shot
is over, good or bad. The only shot
that matters is the next one,” golf
coach Christopher Pace said.
Alexander shot a 79 at the conference
tournament at Mattaponi,
which has a par of 72. He was
within one stroke of tying the firstplace
winner at 78.
That was heart-breaking for
him, as he had finished his round
earlier in the day at number one
and the winner came in later that
afternoon. Although he didn’t get
his conference championship, Alexander
did qualify for Regionals.
“He’s a really good competitor
and he has nerves of steel. No
shots get to him,” senior teammate
Calvin Harris said, commenting on
Alexander’s great play.
The Regional tournament was
held at the Williamsburg National
Golf Club. Alexander shot a 78 the
first day and an 81 the next day.
This perfomance was good enough
for 8th in the region, as a team, but
1st in individual qualifiers.
The Regional tournament decides
state competitors, and the
members of the top two teams are
automatically qualified in addition
to the top six competitors outside
of these teams. Alexander qualified
as one of the top six, allowing
him to have the opportunity to go
to states: the first male from Hanover
to get there.
“When I found out that Matthew
had made it to states I was
very excited. No one had gone to
states before Matthew as a men’s
golfer at Hanover. As a senior
this was his last year and he really
ended it with a bang by going
to states,” sophomore teammate
Ward Wilkinson said.
On the 6th of October, Alexander
traveled to Ivy Hills for the opportunity
to compete in the State
Tournament. Par at Ivy Hills is a 72
and Alexander shot an impressive
86 on the first day.
The second day of state competetion
was cancelled due to green
puddling. This is when the putting
greens are too wet to be played on,
so he finished the tournament 24th
out of 72 competitors.
Alexander has said he doesn’t
plan on golfing in college, which
is surely saddening to people who
liked watching him play.
Instead, Alexander hangs up his
clubs with a legacy of being the
first male golfer to make the state
tournament for Hanover, as well as
being one of the best golfers in Hanover’s
recent history.


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