New wave activism sends ripples

Chloe Woodward

Former actress Emma Watson
recently delivered a speech to the
UN on feminism, talking about the
start of a new program called “He
For She.”
The speech has been seen by
many as a call to action directed
towards the men of the younger
generations, explaining how men
are equally affected by gender
stereotypes, while inviting them to
take part in the feminist movement.
This is just one example of the
many forms of activism that have
been sweeping the nation. With
protests against war, drugs and
government policy, a new era
of activism has emerged and is
growing in popularity.
It seems that this wave of
activism has reached the Hanover
community as environmental
activism has taken a jump with the
help of the Environmental Science
On October 3rd, after the
Atlee-Hanover game, club sponsor
Wendy Pruden, AP Biology
teacher Sarah Botorff and the rest
of the Environmental Science Club
aided in cleaning up after their
fellow students.
“I think a lot of people don’t
realize how much trash that’s
out there,” Botorff said, “and just
seeing that helped everyone to see
that we need to do a better job of
cleaning up after ourselves.”
In addition to the contributions
that Hanover students are making,
people around the world gathered
in September in support of
environmental conservation and
The People’s Climate March
took place in New York City
and was said to be the largest
number of people that had ever
participated. This increase in
support can be directly tied to the
United States’ increased use of oil.
In 2012, the average United States
usage was 18.5 million barrels of
oil a day, according to U.S Energy
Information Administration.
With a recycling bin in nearly
every classroom and a club that
is making a difference, Hanover
seems to be doing whatever it can
to decrease the size of its ecological

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