Richmond evaluates metro system cost

Giles VanHuss

Richmond is currently assessing
the possible outcomes of including
a 7.6 mile rapid transit
system from Rocketts Landing to
Willow Lawn.
It will have 14 stops throughout
its trip and run 24/7 and will
connect both VCU campuses,
making it ideal for college students.
Rapid transit is a fast passenger
transport to and from two locations
with stops in between and
it has the potential to improve a
city’s economy drastically.
For example, Cleveland has
shown a benefit of $5.8 billion
in economic development since
its rapid transit system was first
opened in 2008.
This 6.8 mile long course takes
people to two of the largest business
centers in Cleveland, University
Circle and downtown.
It is called the HealthLine. This
whole project cost over $200 million
and was built mainly on federal
Richmond is considering this
rapid transit system, or RVA Rapid
Transit, to bring on redevelopment
and attract more people to
the Richmond area.
The GRTC, or Greater Richmond
Transit Company, is putting
more than $54 million toward
this project.
An increase in population
would mean more tax money being
received by the Richmond
government and it may lead to
more development economically.


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