Halloween haunts and horrors

Sallie Sledd

Halloween is approaching and
students are seeking the thrills
and chills of attending petrifying
events that send even the bravest
souls running to their moms.
Among the most popular are
Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt,
Busch Garden’s Howl-o-Scream
and Ashland Berry Farm’s haunted
festivities. Every year students
gather at these venues with their
friends to enjoy the terror-filled fun.
Kings Dominion’s Halloween
Haunt, which is PG-13 after 7 p.m.,
offers many horrifying options such
as mazes, outdoor scare zones and live
shows. The amusement park has even
added new scares for 2014, including
the Maze of Madness, which has returned
by popular demand with several
updates, as well as The Skeleton
Crew acrobats. Busch Garden’s Howlo-
Scream, a family friendly experience,
also offers a wide variety with six
mazes and three different live shows.
While many enjoy Halloween Haunt
and Howl-o-Scream, some students’ favorite
bloodcurdling experience is the
Ashland Berry Farm, which includes
Booger Woods, Morbid Manor, Old
Ridge Asylum and Sinister Slideshow.
Sophomore Austin Stover has
gone to all three Halloween attractions,
Halloween Haunt, Howl-o-
Scream and Ashland Berry Farm.
Stover’s favorite, like many others,
was Ashland Berry Farm.
“There were no lights at
all, except for strobe lights,
which really scared me,” Stover
confessed. “Also, the people in the
woods all had really good hiding places.”
In his opinion, Halloween Haunt
and Howl-o-Scream didn’t measure
up to Ashland Berry Farm.
“At Ashland Berry Farm
we got chased by people
with chainsaws,”
Stover described.
“There was an abundance
of people that
would just sit behind
something and scare you
or come after you while
laughing evilly,” he explained,
“There were also
a few buildings there that
looked like the inside of a meat
factory, but instead of meat there
were human remains hanging up.”
Out of the four different experiences
to choose from at Ashland Berry
Farm, Stover enjoyed Booger Woods
the most. In Booger Woods, visitors
are taken into the woods and dropped
off. From there, they have to find their
way back through the frightening forest
with monsters at every turn, chasing
them with chainsaws and much
more that sends chills down the spine.
“I almost peed myself,” Stover admitted


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