Charlottesville kidnappings and general saftey guidelines

Kathleen Pfohl

How safe do the Hanover students
feel? Specifically, how safe do the female
Hanover students feel? Considering
the school is located in a rural setting
and the student body is generally
respectful, there is a chance they feel
very safe.
But how about when you walk out
to your car at night in a dark parking
lot, do you hold your keys in your
hand? Do you look over your shoulder
at every sound you hear?
“Trust no one. Women have to
watch out for ourselves because you
never know who the people you trust,
can actually trust,” senior Kristin Wilcox
After a second disappearance of a
college student in Virginia, Hannah
Graham, back in September many females
feel on edge about traveling to
their cars alone at night or walking
three blocks down a city street alone.
The risk of being harmed can be
greatly diminished by how you act.
Being and aware of your surroundings,
knowing where you are heading,
not wasting time at night when you’re
alone, always making sure you have
someone with you, and numerous other
actions could be taken to ensure to
distance yourself from danger.
These precautions lead to many
questions, should we fear being out
alone? Should girls have to look over
their shoulders just to make sure they
are safe? Should we invest in a membership
to the nearest Taekwondo
classes just so that we can walk around
at night?
Although numerous martial arts organizations
would profit greatly over
these ideas and public schools would
benefit from
adding selfprotection
and avoidance
of threatening
situations into health
class curriculums,
is it all necessary?
Perhaps  instead of
women altering their lives
to protect themselves from abusive
situations and having to
readily arm themselves before they
walk out the house, maybe
we should change those
who are really
committing the crimes.
Since high morals are generally instilled
at a young age and crime is inevitable,
preventing this problem from
happening all around may be a bit of a
pipe dream. The general consensus is
that women must protect themselves
but also look after friends and all those
that need guidance.
Senior April Harrison
seems to sum up the
opinion of
many female students
when she said, “Men
in today’s society are
seeing women more of
objects than humans ,
women need to be more
careful at all
times and always watch
out for themselves and
each other.”
With many colleges
now being called
out for their
approach towards
assault on campuses, these issues
seem to have been brought into the
light within the past year.
Comedian and television show host
Jon Stewart even called out colleges
for not doing enough in situations in
which women were assaulted on campus,
one of these schools being JMU.
Stewart also entered a skit into
his show highlighting the number of
things college women must do to protect
themselves as compared to men,
the latter of the two being much shorter
than the former.
“Let’s be real here, Jessica. You’re
telling me that women just spend
their whole day navigating an obstacle
course of sexual menace?’ ‘Yeah, pretty
much,” two of Stewart’s regular actors
Even the UN is on board for the
protection of women along with women’s
education with campaigns such as
the She For He campaign. The She For
He campaign attempts to further the
male gender’s support for the equality
of sexes as well as supporting men
With organizations and campaigns
bringing light to these situations many
stories are taking the front seat in national
and international media.
Although these organizations are
becoming more popular some questions
still loom, what will be done to
prevent this? When women put on
their lipstick and load their purses, will
pepper spray need to be added?


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