Power to powderpuff players

Brady Didlake

October 15, 2014, a date that will
live in triumph. Thirty-one girls,
three teams, one winner. Due to inclement
weather, Hanover High’s
Basketball court was the stage for
This is nothing new for the Class
of 2015, the winners of the past two
years. But not all Powderpuff games
are easy going. Senior Jessica Allanson
knows about the physicality,
since she broke her ankle playing
sophomore year.
“It was a very physical three
games. We won the first two games
and then I broke my ankle in the
championship game. Now I’m no
longer allowed to play due to the injury
but I would definitely play if I
was allowed,” Allanson said.
Sydney Martin also knows firsthand
about the physicality of Powderpuff.
She joined the DL (disabled
list) with Allanson in their sophomore
years breaking her thumb trying
to pull a flag.
“The games were intense. I dislocated
my thumb by going for a player’s
flag and my thumb bent back
into her side. I left to get it popped
back and when they popped it back
it broke,” Martin said.
The first game kicked off as the
juniors took on the combined sophomore/
freshman team in what would
go on to be a nail-biter. Going into
overtime the score was tied 14-14,
but the sophomore/freshman team
held strong on defense and beat the
juniors in sudden death.
The next game began as the seniors
took the field trying to defend
their two-time title.
Victory would not come easy as
the seniors had some key plays on defense
to help defeat the sophomore/
freshman team. Senior Morgan
Roberts reeled in a game-changing
interception that she bobbled in the
air multiple times before bringing it
in. This interception helped seal the
win, setting up the seniors for their
final game of the day. If they could
pull a win out against the juniors,
they would be crowned champions
once again.
As the final whistle of the third
game was blown, the seniors roared
in excitement. They had just won for
the third year in a row, defeating the
juniors 28-21.
“It felt awesome. We had to fight
for every point but we knew we
would pull through,” senior quarterback
Courtney Chenault said
about the event.
Unfortunately, this monopoly of
dominance by the seniors will have
to come to an end as the seniors are
set to graduate this year, but they
will leave behind a legacy, that no
one will ever forget.


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