Apple releases iPad and iPhone


iPhone 6 models size compared to a predecessor, the iPhone 4. Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris

Apple had big plans for the past Horseman
two months. In September they released
the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus,
and in October the iPad 6 debuted.
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are
larger than past iPhones. The iPhone
6 is 4.7 inches long and the iPhone
6 Plus is 5.5 inches, a large increase
from the iPhone 5s and 5c which
are only four inches in length. The
main concern that came with these
larger screen sizes, was that the new
phones would not fit well in pockets,
but another problem had come up.
This was the infamous “bending
iPhone,” which is much more prominent
with the iPhone 6 Plus, due to its
larger size. Many consumers reported
that their phones had bent while sitting
in their pockets during the day.
After looking at the new phone in numerous
tests online, it was confirmed
that the phone bends, close to the
point where it looks like it may snap.
One positive change to the
iPhone was the improved camera.
These changes consisted of sensor
upgrades, improved tone mapping,
better noise reduction and
new “focus pixel” technology.
An owner of the iPhone 6 plus,
senior David Toussaint, said one
new feature stood out the most,
“My favorite new feature to the
iPhone is the 240 frames per second
slow-mo video capture in HD.”
Other improvements are a longer
battery life, the new “Retina HD
Display,” and the phone’s ability to
display more on the screen with its
larger size and iPad landscape mode.
Apple tablets normally come in
two colors, silver and gray, but for the
month of October this will no longer
be the case. Upon the release of the
iPad air 2, more commonly known as
the iPad 6, a gold color is now available.
One of the new features on the
iPad 6 is a Touch ID fingerprint sensor,
a feature that the new iPhone
also has. Also, it has been rumored
that Apple may boost the size of its
upcoming tablet to a 12.9 inch screen,
after the 9.7 inch iPad 6 debuts.
With the release of a golden iPad,
Apple hopes to increase its profits with
greater visual appeal. The most successful
attempt to increase sales based
on the color of the product was the
“candy-coloured” iMacs released in
1999. Apple hopes to mimic this previous
success by adding gold to the mix.
Regardless of the bending of the
iPhone 6 or the limited colors available
for the iPad, many are buying
these new Apple products purely because
they are such a popular brand.
It will take more than a few kinks
in products to turn consumers away.

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