Lunch changes in store for certain local schools

Kali Wright

Nearly everybody loves the ability
to buy food such as Chik-Fil-A and
cookies at school. Recently, however,
many changes have been made to
school lunch menus across the country
to fit health standards set by Congress.
Due to increasing child obesity,
rules have been set to require more
fruits, vegetables and whole grains
in lunches. Limits are also set on the
sodium, sugar and fat in the available
meals. Students are reacting to this in
several ways.
“I would be unhappy if they took
away some of the unhealthy food we
get to eat here, because this is the
only time I get to eat them,” sophomore
Stephanie Broussard said.
Local school systems have to make
meal choices healthier, while still
appealing to students. This is a complicated
task, because students now
aren’t as interested in foods that aren’t
fried or sugary.
Fortunately for students at Hanover
High School, cafeteria staff
member Valerie Parker cleared any
confusion about HHS lunches.
“We are not being regulated by the
government, Chik-Fil-A Mondays are
still happening and cookies are still
being sold,” Parker said.
“Chicken is healthy; it isn’t bad
for you. Chik-Fil-A is real chicken,
it’s just breaded on the top. I think it’s
dumb that any schools would get rid
of it,” sophomore Ashley Brown said.
However, there have been some
changes in the means of communication
related to school lunches. As of
September 2014, printed menus are
no longer being sent home to students.
Instead, a web-based menu,
powered by Nutrislice, will be available
for students to use.
Nutrislice offers full color photos,
allergen information, nutritional
analysis, meal and a la carte pricing,
printable weekly carbohydrate counts
and printable monthly menus of the
school lunches.
This new program is being used
to help school food service programs
easily publish their lunch menus.
Students can sign up for e-mails
of monthly menus or download the
free Nutrislice app on Android or Apple
devices. Elementary and Middle
school lunch menus are also currently
Local schools are all gradually
switching over to Nutrislice rather
than printed menus. According to
their website, Nutrislice advertises
that their goal is to “build technology
that helps innovative school nutrition
professionals get the recognition
they deserve.”


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