Student leaders and SCA unite to plan Homecoming

Caroline Provost & Abbey Delaney

As summer comes to a close and
the school year begins, students are
bombarded with constant regulations,
sleep deprivation and seemingly
endless amounts of homework.
With so much to do and
not enough time, one may wonder
why anyone would be excited for
the beginning of the year. One of
the many reasons: homecoming.
Homecoming is an annual
weeklong celebration for Hanover
students and faculty, which includes
a spirit week, homecoming
parade, football game and a formal
This year things are being done
differently with the help of the
Student Leadership Committee and
Emerging Leaders class. They will
be working in concert with SCA
to plan the logistics as well as help
with the promotional aspects of
each event.
Promotion includes the deciding
the themes for spirit week, creating
posters to promote the powder puff
game and recruiting teachers to aid
in volunteering with the overall
SCA club sponsor Justin Godard
feels confident in the planning so
far and reassures that the student
leaders and Emerging Leaders have
been a helpful addition to the planning.
“It’s going good for the most
part,” Godard said, “We’ve never
had this many people working together
at once on anything.”
SCA president senior Paige
Lambert reaffirmed Goddard’s
position while discussing the
theme of the homecoming dance.
“So far we’ve got a lot of things
done. We’ve picked the theme.
It’s going to be a black and white
tie affair,” Lambert said, “It’s
definitely taken a burden off the
teachers and placed it on the students
which it should be.”

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  1. This is interesting to see who puts the events together and how, the article’s writing is excellent and well formatted, but it would be helpful to know the actual events/spirit days occurring and there dates.

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