Senior lot: a free-for-all

Chloe Woodward

On the morning of September 2nd,
the senior class of 2015 drove to school
with the anticipation of privilege; parking
in the best area of the parking lot.
This area, known as the senior parking
lot, is the closest to the school entrances.
This cuts down walking time by
about two minutes, beneficial to those
seniors who tend to run late. However,
as the students of Hanover soon came to
find out, the senior parking lot no longer
Senior Ivan Williams discussed the
problem, saying, “I’ve been waiting an
entire three years to park in the senior
parking lot. It’s one of the few privileges
that we had, and it’s being taken away.”
For senior Jake Hummer, the lack of
a senior parking lot is an issue of safety.
“I don’t want inexperienced drivers
hitting my car,” Hummer said. He believes
that because he is being forced to
park among younger drivers, the likelihood
of an accident is raised.
Although opinions differed from person
to person, there was one question
everyone seemed to ask, “Why was it
taken away?”
No matter who was asked, no one
seemed to know the exact reason for the
revoking of senior parking privileges.
Assistant Principal Walt Mercer answered
everyone’s question.
“It wasn’t a negative thing. We’ve
been working on removing it for a couple
of years,” Mercer said, “We felt bad
that this was the group of students who
would miss out.”
“Mr. Shaw is out there by himself,”
Mercer continued, referring to Parking
Lot Attendant Steve Shaw who many
students refer to as ‘golf cart guy’, “and
juniors were constantly parking in the
senior lot, and a lot of the disciplinary
action was because of that. A lot of our
focus was drawn to that. We’re focusing
more on people having a parking pass,
period. It’s a safety issue.”
The lack of distinction between the
senior and junior classes has decreased
the confusion for the administrators, and
strengthened security.
“We can spend less time wondering
who is supposed to park where, and
making sure that everyone in the parking
lot is allowed to be here,” Mercer said.
With whispers of petitions and retaliation
if juniors park in the area where
the senior parking lot used to be, justification
for the administration’s actions
couldn’t have come at a better time.
Ultimately, the removal of the senior
lot was because Hanover holds the
safety of its students as a priority. Still,
with an entire year ahead for the class of
2015, the seniors are wary of the other
privileges they may have taken away.


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