NHS tutoring center aims to aid

Searlait Coffey

Students who find themselves
struggling to keep up with school
work now have a place to go for the
help they need. The National Honor
Society is now offering tutoring for
all students at HHS.
NHS members will be offering free
tutoring in the 100’s pods. This is the
second year for the NHS tutoring program.
All students are welcome to ask
for assistance in any subject. One-onone
tutoring help is provided by the
NHS members.
Faculty advisor of NHS Chad Taylor
expressed his appreciation of the
willingness of Hanover administration
to approve the program.
“It shows the high value that the
administration has for the program,”
Taylor said. The Tutoring Center was
provided with a pod as well as an office
block. Taylor acknowledged that
this is a larger space than usual. Having
an office block is as a way of showing
how the administration believes
the program will be a good resource.
Taylor added that he hopes that the
tutoring program will influence other
high schools in the Hanover County
Public School Division. Atlee, Lee-
Davis, and Patrick Henry have National
Honor Society program, but
NHS sponsored
tutoring programs are non-existent.
Last year, a lack of available tutors
led to the NHS turning down students
seeking help. Senior Ben Anderson,
an NHS officer, spoke out on
improvements through the program
that he hopes to see this year. This
year, Anderson hopes to see more
teachers and students get involved
with the program. According to Anderson,
a couple students and teachers
have already contacted the NHS
about the program.
Taylor mentioned some of the
problems the program faces, apart
from needing more support. Geometry
is the most difficult to get tutors
for, according to Taylor. Since the
NHS officers are juniors and seniors,
they are less familiar with 9th grade
math. Taylor said that sophomores in
the National Beta Club could be asked
to assist in tutoring students requesting
help in Geometry.
Both Taylor and Anderson agreed
that the best thing for the program
would be getting the word out that
the program is available. Notifying
teachers and students alike, will be
the big boost this program needs to
make an impact.
As soon as the Tutoring Committee
Chair, Allison Burns, finalizes the
committee to run the program, the
Tutoring Center will be up and running.
Students interested in receiving
tutoring help should pick up a referral
in the guidance office.

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