New year brings new gadgets

Madison Lee

With a new year comes new technology.
Over the summer all school
computers in Hanover County were
upgraded with Windows Seven operating
systems and Microsoft Office
2013. Windows Seven operating system
will increase computing speed
and security.
The new operating systems were
substantially overdue for an update,
and were finalized because Microsoft
stopped supporting Windows XP (Hanover’s
old operating system) in April
2014. This means that Microsoft no
longer provides updates or security
for Windows XP users and Hanover’s
computers would have been vulnerable
to many different viruses and
Hanover County Public Schools are
supposed to update laptops every four
years and desktops every five years,
but because of budget cuts, school
computer upgrades were delayed for
six years, until it became unavoidable.
The new Microsoft Office software
was upgraded from Microsoft Office
2003 to 2013, which is now the latest
edition. This program is used in many
homes and colleges. This program will
be more compatible with students’
programs at home. Also students will
be able to master the program and
be ready to use the same program at
college. Microsoft Office 2013 offers
many new features, such as more template
choices, more ribbons (tabs).
The school division also bought
each school an additional laptop cart.
Hanover currently has three laptop
carts available for teachers to check
out. In addition to new laptops, Hanover
High bought a set of ten new
IPads and many teachers received
mimio boards. A mimio board allows
computer screens to be projected onto
a whiteboard. Students are able to
interact with the screen with a stylus
that allows students to write and click
and drag things across the screen, by
connecting to a wireless receiver.
All of the new technology will
help students to interact with lessons
and increase productivity. Additional
ipads and laptop carts will allow more
teachers and students to be able to use
them. Students will be able to connect
with their classes by making lessons
more current.


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  1. This is excellent news!!! I’m so jealous that they did not upgrade before I graduated. I hope the new system is not causing any confusion for students and teachers. You can tell this article is expertly written with a good informative angle!!

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