Is it too late to procrastinate

Giles VanHuss

Students across Hanover County
pack up their bags and prepare
for the first day of school, when
suddenly they realize that they
have summer assignments due! Oh
the horror!
“I honestly have no idea where
the time went,” junior Missy Jones
said. “At the beginning of summer,
I had all of it planned out, but
when the time came, I had a controller
in one hand and a soda in
the other!”
Jones is just one of the many
students who had fallen prey to
the disease of procrastination. A
study done by Harvard University
showed that procrastination is a
major problem because they never
actually did the study.
Not all students procrastinate
on purpose, like Jim Yimmy. “In
the summer, I completely forgot
about the book 1984, but, hey, I
just need to know it’s about communism,
With procrastination comes the
excuses as to why you don’t have
your summer assignment. “My dog
ate it” becomes a favorite phrase
to many students, but some have
been more inventive.
“I used the alien trick this year.”
Leonard McCoy, the ship Enterprise’s
head doctor, said. “Basically,
you explain that aliens took
you on an adventure and you bring
in your rock named Jim for proof.”
As many students receive an F,
some do the impossible and finish
all of the work in one night. Unfortunately,
we could not get an
interview because these individuals
are non–existent.
Distractions may come in the
form of Netflix, video games and
random internet searches of funny
cats. It may even come in the form
of watching paint dry and learning
how to hot-wire a car or unlock
doors with a paperclip on Wikihow.
Others might find themselves at
random locations around the globe
to avoid the eventual homework.
Locations like Jamaica, Hawaii and
the neighbor’s tree house are quite
popular when people desperately
need to escape the thought of summer
This 2014-2015 school year has
much procrastination in store for
its victims, but the rest of this paragraph
is too difficult to write.



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