Ferguson erupts in protest after teen’s death

Sallie Sledd

Gunshots rang in Ferguson, Missouri,
on Saturday, August 9th and the
repercussions are still evident even
weeks after 18 year old Michael Brown
was shot to death by police officer Darren
A statement has been made in defence
of officer Wilson saying that a
struggle broke out between Brown and
himself through the window of the police
car over the officer’s gun.
However, Brown’s friend, Dorian
Johnson, has been quoted as saying
Wilson grabbed Brown by the neck,
then drew his gun and told the boys
he was going to shoot. Wilson fired
his gun and both Johnson and Brown
went running.
“We wasn’t committing any crime,
bringing no harm to nobody, but my
friend was murdered in cold blood,”
Johnson told CNN.
Many claims have been made by
citizens of the town saying Officer
Wilson shot and killed the young man
simply because of his race.
“I think the officer instantly blamed
Mike Brown for it because of his race,”
Nicole Bradford, sophomore at Hanover
High School said.
For more than a week, peaceful
protesters have swarmed the streets
of Ferguson and many other cities
throughout the United States chanting
“Hands up! Don’t shoot!” Other forms
of civil disorder such as vandalism and
looting took place during the protests.
World history teacher Brian Smith
offered his opinion on the matter.
“My initial reaction in this day and
age was to be patient, not jump to
conclusions and hear both sides of the
story,” Smith said. “The problem lies in
the fact that we look at young men of
color as problems to be dealt with before
they are seen as individuals. Until
we stop that, nothing will get better.”
Describing the steps that she feels
need to be taken to prevent these situations
Bradford said, “stop racial profiling
by raising awareness of the Mike
Brown case.”
Unfortunately, the country has still
not rid itself of racism. Cultural sensitivity
training might help things like
this from occurring again, along with
strict boards of inquiry to hold police
The display of insensitivity could
be pegged as part of the reason that
much of society seems to view African
American men in a negative light.


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