Athletes of the Month

James Norman & Zach Palmer

Clayton Cheatham
September’s male athlete of
the month is your Hawks starting
quarterback sophomore Clayton
Last year he was a wide receiver
and tight end, but converted to
quarterback over last season. The
sophomore earned the starting job
over the off season when he played
in the Green and White game.
He’s led Hanover to a 3-0 record,
in his first three starts on
the team. “To me, it’s all about the
team,” Cheatham said.
Cheatham has learned this attitude
from playing over 10 years of
football in school and Pop Warner
He’s led Hanover’s physical offense
to 89 points in the first three
games of the season.
“My goals of the season right
now are to beat Atlee, and to be a
better team than last year,” he said.
The Hawks look to have a deep
playoff run this time around, with
Cheatham as their signal caller.

Rebecca Hoover
Junior Rebecca Hoover takes
the responsibility of being the libero
on the Hanover girls’ volleyball
team. The libero specializes in
defense and ball control, but takes
little to no responsibility in attacking.
During this season, Rebecca
Hoover has recorded 15 aces, 8
kills, 14 assists, and 83 digs.
“Our team goal is to make it to
the state tournament this year and
finish the regular season undefeated,”
Hoover said.
The girls’ volleyball team
matches up against powerhouse
and defending state champions,
Atlee, twice in the duration of the
Wins against Atlee could make
those team goals more than attainable.
Rebecca Hoover looks to
continue to be a key part of this
girls’ volleyball team for her next
two years at Hanover.


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